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cheapest solar panels orig
Cheapest Solar Panels You may be seeking for low-cost solar panels in order to maximize the benefits of solar energy. And, yes, installing solar on your house or company may save you thousands of dollars on your power costs. However, going solar isn’t always cheap: purchasing solar panels to install on your roof might cost […]

save with solar panels
How Much Money Do you Save with Solar Panels? Do solar panels help you save money? This is one of the most common questions we receive. Solar power technology has advanced dramatically over the years, making it a more efficient energy source with the potential to reduce installation and maintenance costs. In other words, solar […]

how many solar panels charge tesla
How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Charge a Tesla? Over the last decade, solar energy has grown in popularity as a way to supply sustainable, clean energy to one’s house. Individuals have found enormous advantages in being able to supplement one’s power cost, contribute to a green project, and even become more self-reliant […]

cost of solar panels for 3 bdrm house
Cost of Solar Panels for a 3 Bedroom Home? With the escalating cost of electricity from traditional sources, many families are finding that utilizing solar panels to produce it is a no-brainer. And, because the cost of installing solar panels is continually reducing, there has never been a better moment than now to make them […]

what are microinverters
What are Inverters? Solar inverters are an essential part of every solar panel installation. And they serve a single purpose: they transform the direct current energy (DC) generated by your solar panels into useable alternating current (AC) power for your home’s appliances. Over the last several decades, inverter technology has progressively improved to allow homeowners […]

1500 square foot house cost
How Much Do Solar Panels Cost and Are They Worth It? One of the first questions solar shoppers ask when researching solar, how much do solar panels cost and are they worth it? The truth is solar makes sense for most homeowners. Nobody doubts whether the technology works. Most just never looked into it. For […]

best solar company
The Best Solar Company in California Harnessing the renewable energy offered by the sun is one of the finest methods to power a home or business while minimizing your environmental imprint. The good news for Californians is that the state has long been on the cutting edge of green energy; if you search for solar […]

Solar CA
Why Solar Panels Are So Expensive? You’ve probably considered installing solar panels on your home’s roof at some point. However, if you’ve looked at its installation costs, you might be wondering why solar panels are so expensive. Well, you aren’t alone. Solar panels are expensive, but they offer several benefits. With tax credits, the ability […]

solar company LA
What Type of Solar Panels Should I Buy? When you’re considering installing solar panels on your home, you normally consider factors such as the cost, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. While these are all significant considerations, there is a factor in solar panels that affects all three: the type of solar panels you will choose. Most […]

forme solar 2021 nextdoor award winner
Forme Solar Wins Nextdoor 2021 Neighborhood Favorites Local Business Award The business neighbors love most. Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite Local Business is a prestigious award that celebrates and recognizes the best businesses in local communities across the United States based on recommendations from neighbors in their neighborhood.  Forme Solar, an electrical service-based company for solar panel […]

different solar panel sizes
Are There Differences in Solar Panel Sizes? At Forme Solar Electric, our goal is to educate our customers about how solar works, components of solar power systems, and the nuances between the different types of solar panels currently available. Most solar customers know that there are differences in solar panel technology- monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar […]

top solar companies leanne
Forme Solar Ranked a Top Solar Company in California Forme Solar has been ranked one of the Best Solar and Battery Storage Installers in California according to Solar Power World’s 2021 Top Solar Contractors list as one of the best solar companies leading the charge on innovating the solar industry.   Ranking the Best Solar Companies […]

what happens site assessment
Solar Panel Site Assessment When searching for a solar panel installer, you could Google “solar company near me” and choose one, but all solar companies are not the same. One of the most important parts of going solar is evaluating whether your home is in good condition for solar. This inspection is the first step […]

why you need battery backup
Why You Need a Home Solar Battery Backup During the fall, California sees an increase in the number of fire outbreaks as the temperature changes. Dry foliage, droughts, and high heat are the perfect conditions for a fire. And fires or the imminent threat of a fire can lead to a higher number of power […]

are solar panels worth it
Are Solar Panels Worth it? Will I see Savings? The truth is solar makes sense for most homeowners. Nobody doubts whether the technology works. Most just never looked into it. Have you driven through your neighborhood recently and looked at the rooftops? There are a substantial number of homes with solar panels. The truth is, […]

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