Homeowner's Guide for Managing Your Solar Energy System

managing your solar panel system

If you're looking for a dummy's guide to solar power, you've come to the right place. This guide is to provide an overview for everyone who is considering going solar; it covers everything that you need to know when investing in solar power.

Otherwise, here is what you should know before you get quotes for your solar power system:

How to turn your Solar PV System On-or-Off

Managing your Solar PV system is relatively simple, and with a few simple steps, you can easily turn on your Solar PV System or turn it off.

main panel meter ac disconnect solar inverter
Understanding Your Solar Power System

Turning your PV System On
1. Locate your Main Meter Panel
2. Open the Main Meter Panel door and identify the breaker labeled "Solar."
3. Switch the Solar breaker to the “On” position
4. Locate the A/C Disconnect Panel
5. Move the A/C Disconnect lever to the upward/on position

Turning your PV System Off
1. Perform the steps above in reverse order

Maintaining Your Solar Energy System

Typically, a solar PV system does not require a lot of maintenance and are very durable. There are no moving parts, and they are built to last in multiple different environmental conditions. Even though the solar PV systems are incredibly durable, it is important to check your solar energy generation monthly to ensure that you aren't left with a surprisingly large true-up bill.

Cleaning Your Solar Panels

wash solar panels

There are no moving parts, and they are built to last in multiple different environmental conditions. Most maintenance is around cleaning. We recommend that you get your panels cleaned once or twice a year. Using a garden hose with a cleaning mixture made from common household items should help keep your panels looking clean at operating at maximum efficiency.

Solar Panel Household Cleaning Mixture

  • 1-Part Vinegar
  • 2-Parts Water Solution

Solar Tip: We recommend that any rinsing be done in the early morning when the solar panels are still cool.

Reduce the Cost of Solar Panel Install with Forme Solar

A well maintained and efficient solar panel system can generate electrical power for your home for many generations. Solar panel costs have stabilized, and the technology is now at a level that your solar panels will work properly for generations. When you properly maintain your solar panels, you will produce more electricity, utilizing less fossil fuel-based energy. Forme Solar can help you maximize your savings today and break free from the electrical grid! Installing solar panels on your home has never made more sense financially and for the environment.

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