3 tips to prepare for emergencies

The Basics to Get You Ready for Any Home Emergencies

Thinking about a potential disaster may not be a comfortable thought, but with earthquakes, snowstorms, and worldwide pandemics being a possibility, it is good to be prepared. Being prepared and not needing to use the materials and goods you purchased puts you in a much better position than needing specific items when an emergency occurs. Learn more about how to discover some useful tips to help prepare your home to weather any disaster.

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COVID-19 Has Shown That Unforeseen Emergencies Occur

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that anything can happen. Who would have thought that the entire world would have to wear masks and that finding toilet paper would be a challenge? That is why more than ever before, it is vital to get your home ready for emergencies. As a family, you can plan and make essential preparations to ensure that your home is safe-haven during the event of unforeseen emergencies. 

Communication is Key, Stay Informed During an Emergency

In the case of any emergency or crisis, information is extremely important. It is vital to know whats going on, where you can go for help, and how to stay informed.

1. Create a List of Key Contacts for Communication

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Create a list of local organizations and critical contacts your household can contact if you need access to information, healthcare, support, or resources. This list can include family, friends, neighbors, healthcare professionals, teachers, fire department, and other community resources. 

2. Sign up for Emergency Notifications

In major emergencies, we typically get alerted through our smartphone, notifying us that there is an issue. Knowing that there is an issue can help ensure that you can put together an emergency plan into action

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3. Prepare a Handheld Radio with Spare Batteries

More importantly, there could be an event where your cell phone runs out of batteries, or you need consistent updates regarding what's going on with the rest of your community. It is crucial to have a radio that could be battery or solar-powered to ensure that you can get consistent communication and updates about any issues that may impact your local area. 

Prepare Your Home to Weather any Emergency

Depending on the emergency, you may need to prepare your home to be a long-term self-sufficient haven. Your home should be a secure location where you can either stay for a long time or safely return. One consequence of a natural disaster is your electricity being turned off. Not having power is one of the most challenging aspects of trying to weather an emergency. Everything in your home, from your communication devices, entertainment, internet, all rely on power. 

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A backup generator or a solar battery storage system can help provide that level of protection for your home. Adding a solar battery to a solar panel system allows the solar energy system to keep providing power to critical loads even when the grid is down. Without battery storage, a solar panel system is disconnected from the grid and doesn't help provide any electricity to a home during a power outage. This feature is commonly referred to as "islanding" and is a critical feature lacking previously. The "islanding" feature for a solar battery allows your home to gain resiliency from power outages.

When you just have solar panels, your solar panels are turned off during the event of a power outage. Solar panels with battery storage can recharge your solar battery even if the utility company has shut down the power. Contact a reputable energy company like Forme Solar Electric to do an energy audit. See if solar plus battery storage makes sense for your goals.

Have Essential Items on Hand or Safely Stored

In an ideal situation, you shouldn't need your emergency supplies but having an inventory of essential items is vital. The basic necessities are needed in case you need to hunker at home for an emergency. If you need to stay at your home for an extended time or leave your home in a hurry, these items should allow you to feel confident that you have everything you need. 

Essential items during an emergency should include:

  • Water (Enough for Each Family Member for a Month)  
  • Sports Drinks
  • Radio
  • Flashlight / Candles
  • Batteries
  • First Aid Kit
  • Multivitamins
  • Foods (Cereal, Dried Fruit, Canned Goods, Rice)
  • Cash

You might think many other items are necessary, and these will depend on your personal needs and situation. Being well prepared and having emergency provisions on hand will allow you to gain peace-of-mind. Be prepared for any crisis and overcome an emergency confidently by following through with the basics.