best solar company in california

The Best Solar Company in California

Harnessing the renewable energy offered by the sun is one of the finest methods to power a home or business while minimizing your environmental imprint. The good news for Californians is that the state has long been on the cutting edge of green energy; if you search for solar companies in California, you'll discover plenty of options to choose from.

However, picking the best solar provider is more difficult than selecting the best solar panels for your solar project. A good starting point is to select a solar contractor who fulfills the State Licensing Board's basic requirements: licensed, insured, and bonded, with no bad marks on their record.

Don't rely your decision simply on Yelp reviews or customer ratings – a solar installation company may have offered incentives in exchange for such recommendations. Having a professional certification such as NABCEP is wonderful to have, but they do not ensure a good installation. To choose the greatest solar energy business, you might need to do a little research.

Investigate the installation quality of solar systems, as well as the equipment options and warranty. The solar contract warranty should ensure energy output and cover any installation flaws with your home solar project. Before signing a solar energy contract, be sure it includes all the salesperson told you concerning upfront fees, warranties, and solar equipment.

Here we've compiled a list of the finest solar businesses for residential, agricultural, and commercial properties — so you can make the best selection possible.

Our 2021 Picks for Solar Installers in California

  • The best solar company, overall: Tesla
  • The best solar company to invest in: Sunpower
  • The most affordable solar company: Zenernet
  • The best solar energy provider for customer service: Forme Solar
  • One of the top solar energy providers for customized solar energy systems: Sunrun
  • The best American solar panel manufacturer for commercial: First Solar

Tesla - The best solar company, overall

tesla solar company

Tesla, well renowned for its electric vehicles, is also a leader in the solar business. The Tesla solar roof system has a sleek design, and customers may opt for a more discrete aesthetic that looks like a conventional roof if they like. While the entire roof will need to be rebuilt, Tesla will handle everything from the house evaluation to the installation.

You won't have to worry about the federal tax because the corporation will compute and deduct it for you. Tesla provides a solar subscription, which means that when you enter your information on the website, they'll propose a solar size depending on your monthly energy usage. Following that, the consumer can pay a flat monthly charge rather than a large lump payment up-front.


  • Attractive solar tiles
  • Durable
  • Provides an app for monitoring electricity use.
  • Warranty of 25 years


  • The entire roof must be replaced.
  • Inadequate after-sales service

Sunpower - The best solar company to invest in

sunpower solar company

SunPower is also one of the most effective solar sectors for both residential and commercial premises. Their stock prices are now low, and they are a wonderful company to invest in due to their growing market appeal. While the panels are pricey if purchased upfront, SunPower provides affordable monthly subscription plans as well as reasonably priced maintenance.

The solar panels have a 22.8 percent efficiency rating, which speaks something about their high quality. If you're still confused about the appearance of the solar panels, you may obtain an online aerial image of your property by entering your location and other information. Finally, the company's 25-year warranty protects against any flaws or issues, ensuring that your solar panels will last much longer.


  • Maintenance charges are reasonable.
  • Warranty of 25 years
  • Displays an aerial view of your home with the panels.
  • The efficiency rate ranges between 16.5 and 22.8 percent.


  • Not the finest customer service.
  • Expensive if paying upfront

Zenernet - The most affordable solar company

zenernet solar company

Zenernet solar solutions have a high level of user satisfaction due to their 25-year guarantee and overall quality of their solar panels. Their customer service is excellent, and the company provides full remote servicing for all of your solar needs. Customers will collaborate with a designer to decide the size of the solar array depending on their energy use and roof size.

While Zenernet does not provide a lease option, consumers have complete flexibility over whether upgrades or components are included with the solar panels. As of now, users cannot invest in Zenernet, however, this should change in the future.


  • Component warranty of 25 years
  • Competitive price
  • Completely remote service


  • There is no lease option.
  • Not accessible in every state
  • There is no investment option.

Forme Solar - The best solar energy provider for customer service

forme solar logo

Forme Solar has a plethora of favorable client evaluations, particularly regarding its agents and managers. They are one of the top rated solar installation companies best they provide end-to-end services for their customers. While the cost of the solar panels is high upfront, Forme Solar provides lease and prepayment alternatives, so you can choose a plan that fits your budget. With a background in solar repair Forme Solar also provides lifelong service and a 25-year warranty to ensure you get a system that you can rely upon.

If you want to invest in the solar industry, Forme Solar now provides a chance to do so at a low cost. Furthermore, they will handle all paperwork for you throughout the installation, removing the need for you to worry about federal tax computations. Moreover, Customers may now purchase solar batteries through the official Forme Solar website for further convenience.


  • End-to-End Services
  • Variety of Financing Options
  • Solar Partnerships
  • Warranty of 25 years


  • Limited to Southern California
  • Time in Business

Sunrun - One of the top solar energy providers for customized solar energy systems


Sunrun provides a diverse selection of solar products and accessories, as well as solar panels. They provide virtual consultations to determine the best solar solution for you, and then they develop a bespoke design that is customized to your property. The lifetime warranty is extremely appealing and makes a terrific long-term investment, even if the initial payments are high.

Customers who want to invest can buy Sunrun stocks, which are now very expensive. Users can, however, study Sunrun's impact report and form their own opinions. At the moment, their best offer is the monthly plan, which requires no upfront payment and contains all of the features such as complete service, warranty rate rise protection, and much more.


  • Installation is completed quickly.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • There is an app included.
  • Protection against a rate hike


  • Expensive
  • Limited battery storage availability

Sungevity - The best American solar panel manufacturer for commercial houses


Sungevity has been in business since 2007 and has assisted several companies and residential properties in becoming solar. It offers a range of installation options, such as a shade structure, ground installation, or roof panels, for added variation. As an extra benefit, Sungevity provides SOURCE Hydropanels, which are panels that can also produce clean drinking water for your house.

Sungevity now offers two payment options: purchasing the system upfront or leasing it. However, if you want to rent it, you should be aware that Sungevity is not the direct lender. Customers, on the other hand, can benefit from a 0% upfront cost and no deposit if they sign the lease. Finally, Sungevity provides a 20-year warranty against any problems that may arise.


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Warranty of 20 years
  • Available across the United States.


  • Loans must be approved by a third party.
  • Expensive

Home Compatibility with Solar Energy

Before choosing a solar provider, determine first whether your house can accommodate a solar energy system. Your household electricity demand, your roof, and where you reside are the primary aspects that influence a home's compatibility with solar energy.

Household electricity demand- A delicate balance exists between a home's energy production and the requirement for solar panels. Solar may be more expensive if a residence does not utilize enough on a regular basis. However, if you consume too much energy on a monthly basis, your home may necessitate the installation of so many solar panels that it is no longer feasible. Before installing a solar system, a solar provider will examine your home's energy use to asist you to comprehend the savings provided by a solar system.

Roof size, age, and slope- Solar panels are most effective when facing south and on a slope of 15–40 degrees. If your roof isn't south-facing or has a high slope, solar may still be an option, but it may be less efficient or more expensive. Furthermore, if your roof is old or failing, it should be replaced prior to installation.

Location- While climate is important when installing solar panels, the location of your property dictates how efficient the solar panels will be. Homes that are obscured by large trees or buildings may be unable to benefit from a solar energy system.


Solar installations are now less expensive than they were previously. After considering aspects such as solar incentives, roof worthiness, available cash, and needed energy demands, you may decide whether to go solar or stay on the grid.

It is prudent to compare solar companies beginning with our above-mentioned list of solar companies in California in order to profit from the best accessible market prices.

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