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Solar Performance Monitoring with Enphase Enlighten

How do I create an Enphase Enlighten account?

DIY Self-Installers: Go to and fill in your information. Make sure to select the option, “I am a do-it-yourselfer...”

Solar PV Owners: Your solar installer will set up your account, and you will receive an email when the activation process is complete.

Where do I download and set up the Enphase Enlighten mobile app?

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The Enphase Enlighten app is available on the iTunes and Google Play stores. You can download the Enphase Enlighten mobile app from your regular app store on your device. Log in using your Enphase account information, and you will see all your Enphase products in one place.

What does Enphase Enlighten show?

Enphase Enlighten shows the real-time power production from your solar energy system.  

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To see solar energy production and consumption, you would require additional equipment like the Enphase Ensemble battery, Envoy-S, or IQ Envoy. This will allow you to view the consumption information of your home’s energy, the amount of power imported/exported from the grid, and how much power your Encharge battery has stored and discharged. Enphase Enlighten can show your energy production and consumption monitoring in real-time. 

How do I see energy usage history?

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From the Enphase MyEnlighten interface on either a web browser or the Enphase app, you will be able to access your historical information. Either by Day, Month, Year Lifetime, or Create a Custom View. Within Enphase MyEnlighten, you will also be able to switch between seeing your current status, historic energy production, and production by your panel array. 

I also have the Enphase Ensemble Battery. How can I change its mode of operation?

From the Enphase Ensemble home screen, select Customize. From here, you can choose your mode of operation. 

Self Consumption Mode: In regular operation, when grid power is present, the Enphase Ensemble will be in self-consumption mode. This mode prioritizes the consumption or storage of solar production over exporting it to the grid. 

Savings Mode:  During daylight and off-peak hours, your solar production will be prioritized to: 

  1. Power your home
  2. Charge you batteries
  3. Export any excess to the grid

During peak hours, your consumption will be shifted as follows: 

  1. Solar (If possible)
  2. Battery Backup
  3. Grid Import 

Backup-Only mode:  When a power outage occurs, the Enphase System’s Smart Profile will be shifted so that your solar energy will be prioritized to: 

  1. Power your home with solar
  2. Recharge your batteries

Regardless of the battery mode selected, your batteries will automatically discharge power to your home during a power outage

Is there a website I visit to monitor my system from my computer?


You can log in to see your overall performance on the Enphase Enlighten mobile application and the Enphase website.

Why does the Enphase Enlighten mobile app show power flows/values that appear inaccurate?

Enphase Enlighten shows the instantaneous flow of the power of your home energy system. For homeowners that have Enphase Microinverters and the Enphase Ensemble Battery, the power flows and values may appear inaccurate. This is because, on a typical day, a combination of the solar, grid, and the Enphase Ensemble may be powering your home. When solar energy flows to the grid when your home doesn’t need it, the power generated will flow directly from the solar to Ensemble to its reserve level while grid energy is drawn from the house. 

Why has My Enlighten stopped reporting information?

If Enphase Enlighten is not updated with your current production information, it may be due to your system no longer being connected to the internet. You should ask yourself: 

  • Has my wifi password changed?
  • Internet provider changed?
  • Is the wifi not stable lately?

Enphase Energy Installation Experts

If you believe your system is using Enphase or are considering Enphase microinverters for your solar energy system, give us a call. Forme Solar Electric solar installers in LA installs solar monitoring systems, conducts thorough inspections and ensure that it provides the information you need to maximize your savings when going solar.