Benefits of Going With Local Solar Companies

8 benefits of going with a local solar company

It is important to evaluate the benefits and costs of a local solar company versus a national company. Electricity is an essential aspect of any home. And quality is the cornerstone to any successful home improvement project. So, when it comes to choosing a good solar energy company to take care of your high electricity costs, there are certain things that you should do to get the best service possible. You must always opt for a company that could offer the best value for your money. A good solar company must have the necessary certifications to perform their work and establish reliable relationships with local solar equipment suppliers and solar finance companies. 

Forme Solar Electric is one of the leading solar companies in Orange County. Forme Solar offers an exclusive range of first-rate solar energy solutions. The process of selecting the best solar company can be stressful, but consider the advantages that come along with a reputable, locally-owned solar company.

When Choosing a Solar Company - Local or National?

One of the first questions you will have to decide when evaluating solar companies is, "Do I choose a national or local solar company?"

While a large national company has the benefit of brand name and size. Working with a company in your local community is often a better choice. Why? Let's discuss.

Benefits of a Local Solar Installation Company

#1: Knowledge of Policies, Laws, and Regulations

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One of the most significant benefits is of working with a local solar installation company is their local experience. Local solar installation companies have a more in-depth knowledge of local solar policies, city regulations, local utility company information, and building codes specific to your area. In some regions of California like Riverside, cities have particular laws due to the strong winds. The city of Ontario, for example, has a 2-inch setback rule. This specific building code was put in place to help mitigate the impact that wind will have on your solar panels. Compared to a national solar company that serves many areas, choosing a local specialist will make going solar faster, safer, and easier.

#2: Locally Certified Solar Company

An often-overlooked aspect of "solar shopping" is finding a certified solar installer. The lower cost may tempt you, but there are dangers in hiring an uncertified solar installer; they may be inexperienced. They may not be as trustworthy about the price, and they are not always dependable. Some signs of a certified solar installer are business credentials, online reputation, and an active license with the state's licensing board. If you need a certified local solar company, do your research ahead of time. Ensure they are certified to install solar for your home or commercial building. 

#3: Client-Facing and Communication

Like any large brand, it is more challenging for large national companies to work with customers directly. For national solar companies, you are a number, and any deviation from their typical installation process won't be accommodated. Conversely, local solar companies have much more flexibility when it comes to client-facing customer service. Local solar companies near you are more likely to work with you face-to-face and visit your home or business to see if going solar makes sense.

Large, national solar companies are naturally more driven by making their sales quota rather than meeting your needs. The service that national solar companies provide is limited. And if your home has any unique issues or requirements, it will complicate the overall process. Local solar companies are typically much more responsive and provide better communication and support. Make your solar installation experience more personal with better communication by working with a local solar company like Forme Solar. 

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Local Solar Companies Promote Education

#4: Local Companies Provide Full-Service: Install to Repair

One of the biggest complaints working with large national solar companies is getting help post-installation. Local solar companies have in-house installation, customer service associates, and solar repair engineers, like Forme Solar Electric. This allows solar customers to have more direct contact with the contractor once again. Plus, you will know which installation company you're working with. Instead of having a subcontracted installation crew installing solar on your home.

#5: Local Solar Companies Are Less Likely to Go Bankrupt

Local companies that provide a range of solar services are here to stay. That is because, unlike national solar companies, their revenue is diversified outside of just installing systems. National solar companies are more likely to go bankrupt. This is because national companies will come to a market when incentives are right and disappear when it no longer benefits their bottom line. Numerous large solar companies from American Solar Direct, SolarCity, PetersonDean, Verengo have all disappeared. This leaves customers without a solar company to honor their warranty or help with any solar repair issues. Local solar companies are left repairing solar energy systems installed by national companies. 

#6: Impact on the Local Community

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A tremendous benefit of going with a local solar company is helping a local, small-business. By supporting a small business in your community to grow, you can help promote your community's welfare. After going solar, you will pay less in electricity bills. The savings from going solar can be reinvested into other home improvement projects. Best of all, you will be supporting a company that is actively working towards reducing carbon emissions near you. 

#7: Reasonable Service Timeline and Costs

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Hiring a locally owned solar company could offer you a complete range of high-grade solar services at reasonable costs, thereby offering you the best value for your money. Large national solar installation companies don't clean solar panels, remove and reinstall solar panels, and fix solar issues. Having an issue with your solar energy system, means that you are paying double payments. You're paying for your solar energy system, and electricity bills at the same time. By not getting your system serviced quickly, your solar system's ROI diminishes. Local solar companies use the latest solar technology to deal with solar problems. And are better equipped to handle any scenario that isn't "cookie-cutter." Therefore, they quote a higher price for their services and expertise. However, you must remember to never compromise with the quality of these services for the sake of low prices.

#8: Affordable Solar Installation and Up-Front Pricing 

As a customer, no doubt, one of the most significant factors in choosing a local solar installation company is finding an installer that will maximize your savings! When selecting a local solar company to install panels on your home, it is essential to ask about their pricing. Some companies will offer "Free Solar." The solar installation company you choose should be honest about the cost! Unless they check with you, they should never tack on an extra service or charge. One of the biggest complaints that most homeowners have about going solar is their price changes after they signed the control. Before the work is done, ask what they are doing, how much it will cost, and request a formal proposal. This will help you find an affordable and reputable solar installer near you.

Choose The Right Locally Owned Solar Company

A locally owned solar company can efficiently deal with all types of solar services. Local solar companies can help with solar installation to solar repair. When you choose to work with a local solar installation company, you will benefit from hiring local experts who can work with you directly and care about your needs and your communities'. Consider hiring from among the top-rated solar companies in California, such as Forme Solar. Forme Solar is a full-service local company that provides solar installation and repair services to California residents. 

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