Work Directly with a Solar Installer

As a solar company, it may feel as though you're taking more time to your existing customers about their service needs. By working with a local solar installer like us, you can offer your own customers:

  • Solar repair and solar maintenance agreements as part of your post solar panel installation support
  • Extend the services you can offer around solar like solar panel removal and solar monitoring

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable solar energy and we are proud to be one of the leading solar companies that partner with other solar installers. Let us help you extend what you can offer to your own customers. Call Forme Solar Electric today at 877-288-1097.

Don't lose valuable time servicing existing solar issues, let us handle your post solar installation issues.

Be Part of our Solar Installer Partner Network

We saw an opportunity to help other solar installers put their customers first

Let us handle your post solar installation issues

Don't Waste Time Diagnosing and Servicing your Sold Solar Systems

Avoid the Administrative Paperwork Around Solar Repair

Offer 24/7 Real-Time Solar Monitoring

We realized that the best way to promote the adoption of solar energy was to ensure that people had a great experience going solar. By partnering with Forme Solar, you can leave the post solar installation challenges to us.

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We Can Handle your Post Solar Installation Issues

Issues can arise, regardless of how careful you are on your solar panel installation project. By working with a solar company that specializes in solar repair, you will employ a specialist to handle your issues so that you can focus on solar installation. Work with qualified expert solar technicians with years of experience to ensure that your solar project is properly repaired the first time. Forme Solar's service technicians are fully-trained, bonded, and licensed to give our solar installation partners that extra bit of peace-of-mind.

Extend Your Solar Installation Capabilities

Solar Energy System Repair and Solar Maintenance

When repairing the solar panels that you installed on your customer's home the choice how you go about the solar repair is a very important decision. By partnering with us, we have lots of experience repairing solar panel installations. We are your reliable solar repair specialists.By outsourcing your post solar panel installation repair and solar maintenance to us, you can give your customers that extra bit of peace-of-mind. Our primary goal is to enable all homeowners who go solar, feel as though they made a great decision going solar.

Solar Panel Removal and Roof Repair

Your customer's solar panel system will most likely last longer than their roof. Some of your customers may request help removing and reinstalling the solar panel system that you installed. By partnering with Forme Solar, you can now extend that service to your customers. Not only can we do your roofing, we can removing and reinstalling your solar panel system as well.

We offer quality service at affordable rates and offer guarantees on our solar panel removal and reactivation work. We even offer inspections if a homeowner wants to make sure their roof and solar energy system is up to par.

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Real-Time Solar Energy System Performance Monitoring

With a solar backup energy solution, homes and businesses can protect against outages and ensure resiliency whenever the electricity goes out. By partnering with a solar installer like Forme Solar, you can extend services to your own customers around real-time solar energy performance monitoring. Ensure that your customers who went solar have an experience that's just as great as their solar installation experience. We specialize in ensuring that homes and businesses who go solar have the proper support to actively utilize their solar energy system.

Additional Benefits of Becoming a Forme Solar Installation Partner

By partnering with us, we handle 100% of your post solar installation monitoring, maintenance, and solar repair services. Let us free your hands of the challenging administrative aspects of solar - so you can focus on your primary business of solar panel installation sales.


  • Differentiate your solar panel installation offerings
  • Save precious time and money by ensuring the job is repaired
  • Focus on your solar installation business

By leaving the servicing of your roof to industry veterans like Forme Solar, you can rest assured that your customers will feel confident about their solar panel service needs. We are your solar, roofing and maintenance experts. From water leaks, to broken solar panels we can extend these services to your solar customers. Leave the solar repair and maintenance to us, ensuring your customers will have clean, renewable energy for your family for the decades.

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Solar Installer Partner

We work with leading industry solar partners like Q Cells, Sunpower, Tesla, and SunRun.

Leading Solar Installation Partnerships

As the established broker of renewable energy for both residential and commercial solar. We have developed numerous partnerships with top Suppliers, Installers, and Finance companies throughout the United States.

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Offer the best services to extend to your customers

We provide you a packaged all-in-one experience for your customers. Be able to offer the full package to maximize the benefit you can extend to your customers. Let us take the hassle out of dealing with the post solar installation service and maintenance requests.

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