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Forme Solar Ranked a Top Solar Company in California

Forme Solar has been ranked one of the Best Solar and Battery Storage Installers in California according to Solar Power World’s 2021 Top Solar Contractors list as one of the best solar companies leading the charge on innovating the solar industry.  

Ranking the Best Solar Companies Nearby

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Solar Power World is a leading solar news publication for the US solar and battery market. They boast one of the largest solar installer, contractor, and developer audiences in the USA. Since 2011 Solar Power World has helped solar businesses improve their business and better serve their customers. The Top Solar Contractors list is one of the most recognized listings of solar companies in the United States. 

“As one of the best solar companies in California, we are fortunate to be ranked amongst the top solar and battery companies. Our goal is to execute correctly and better serve our customers with the best quality installation possible,” said Nick Duong, Chief Experience Officer at Forme Solar. Most solar customers had fundamental requirements—a quality solar system for their roof while dealing with a reliable organization. “The only way that we saw how to solve these requirements was through execution. Our foundation in solar repair allowed us to excel at executing. Deliver what’s promised, when promised, communicate properly and focus on the end customer,” said Duong. 

How Forme Solar is Innovating the Solar Industry

“The most shocking thing about the solar industry is the lack of change in how we present and market this technology,” said Leanne Kim, CEO of Forme Solar. For too long, solar sales organizations have focused on selling at the highest price per watt possible and then convincing their homeowners that they will see unrealistic savings in the not-too-distant future. As a result, many homeowners who have gone solar have been left wary and disillusioned when it comes to the benefits of solar. Consumers have zero baseline expectations of solar cost and performance. Prices fluctuate between extreme price gouging and impossible “free” solar promises. This results in a highly skeptical and fractured marketplace with no consistency or uniformity of expectation. In this scenario, the consumer continues to lose. At Forme Solar, we are innovating the experience of going solar to ensure that we can provide realistic expectations. 

Trusting Your Home Solar With the Best Company in the Industry

It can be hard to know which solar company to trust in a fast-growing industry like the solar industry. At Forme Solar, we strive to build a 25-year partnership. 

“We strive to be the best solar company that executes on its promises and does so with the utmost empathy and integrity. We are all consumers, and we make sure to wear that hat whenever we think about our customer experience. That’s it.” - emphasized Leanne Kim, CEO of Forme Solar. 

The industry is riddled with examples of top solar companies that have abandoned their customers right after the solar install, and we need to change that narrative by being the exception.

“When we finish a solar installation, it is not the end of a project, but rather, it is the beginning of a 25-year service relationship,”

Leanne Kim, CEO of Forme Solar

This is where guides such as Solar Power World’s Top Solar Contractors list come in handy for those planning to buy commercial or residential solar panels and energy storage. In addition to looking at the annual ranking of solar and battery installers, doing additional independent research is wise.

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“At Forme Solar, we always encourage anyone who is looking for a solar or home battery installer to look up the companies they are considering on platforms like Yelp, Google, Best Company, Better Business Bureau – and Solar Power World,” said Leanne Kim. “It is the best way to objectively determine who is the best, most trustworthy company in the industry, and therefore the best choice for the homeowner,” she concludes.

How We are Preparing for the Solar Industry for the Next 10 Years

Forme Solar takes the lead in renewable energy by preparing for the future. We predict that an ecosystem where the energy produced from solar panels can be easily stored and then passed from one home to another. With solar and battery storage adoption, we should see a dramatic change in how people store, consume and share electricity with others. In most cases, solar power is a wise investment that can save the homeowner money and help them become less dependent on utility companies. There are numerous reasons why going solar is an excellent investment, especially in combination with a battery backup. We see the start of the decentralized electricity grid and the rise of the neighborhood- or city-level microgrid, and that’s a beautiful thing for consumers, the environment, and our national security.

It is crucial to only do business with reputable solar companies who are forward-thinking, with the highest level of certifications and warranties. 

If you are considering going solar, give Forme Solar Electric a call at 714-694-2262 or request a Free Solar Quote Today!