why you need solar battery backup

Why You Need a Home Solar Battery Backup

During the fall, California sees an increase in the number of fire outbreaks as the temperature changes. Dry foliage, droughts, and high heat are the perfect conditions for a fire. And fires or the imminent threat of a fire can lead to a higher number of power outages across California.

While this is especially important during the summer and fall seasons, power outages can happen at any time. We want to help homeowners understand that there are now options available to ensure you have access to emergency power with a battery backup. When a power outage occurs, most homeowners either stay in their homes, wait it out, or leave their homes. Solar battery backup can save the day! 

What Are Solar Backup Batteries?

As you already know, a solar panel system produces energy to power a home’s lights, internet, air conditioners, and more. Often, a solar power system produces more energy than the home needs at the time it’s produced. A solar battery system tied to a solar panel array stores the extra energy for later use. Solar backup batteries are crucial for supplying power during outages and are required for off-grid solar systems. 

Power Outages Impacted 3 California Homes Differently

fire mountains can lead to power outages

Most homeowners are prepared for a power outage in varying degrees. All emergencies happen when we least expect them, and those that are least prepared are typically forced to depend on whatever preparations they made ahead of time. It can be challenging to adequately prepare with extended power outages since we rely on electricity based on so much of what we rely on. Mainly because of how much we now rely on having internet. 

Home in Orange County, California

One family in Orange County anticipated that the fire seasons would only worsen in time and decided to invest in a stockpile of items to help them prepare for a power outage. They could have some bare necessities from backup lights, cell phone battery power banks, batteries, and radios. Unfortunately, with the extended power outage, they could charge their devices but had to book a hotel in Los Angeles to withstand the extended power outage. 

Second Home with a Diesel Generator

A second homeowner on their same street anticipated the fire season and decided to invest early in a solar battery backup. They could keep the lights on, stay informed, and be comfortable while they weathered the storm. They turned on their backup diesel generator and continued to live their lives during the power outage. The family didn’t mind the generator’s hum, especially since the refrigerator, lights, and internet could stay on. However, the diesel generator only had enough fuel for one evening.

They tried to brave the storm’s aftermath and quickly found that they had to make constant trips to the gas station because they weren’t sure how long the outage would last. Eventually, their biggest fear was realized. It was challenging to get additional fuel. A generator is an affordable option, but can also come with its own drawbacks. 

Third Homeowner with Solar Battery Backup

The third homeowner ended up going solar with a battery backup system from Enphase Energy. Using the latest battery technology, the Encharge is a powerful battery capable of being the perfect battery bank for your home. What exactly did the homeowner get when he got an Encharge 10 from Enphase Energy? The answer is a lot. 

The Enphase Energy battery has some of the best technical specifications as a solar battery and impressive, intelligent monitoring and management. With the ability to hold 10 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, the Enphase Encharge 10 has enough usable storage capacity to store enough energy to cover about half of the average home’s daily energy usage.

This allowed the homeowner to have a system that was fully integrated with his solar panel energy system. Despite the power outage, his battery was able to be recharged by his solar panel energy system, which allowed the homeowner to have a system that required low maintenance and would be constantly recharged from the sun.  

enphase encharge 10 3

Despite the best preparation, issues and emergencies will always occur. Most electrical grid outages only last a few hours or a day. However, there are instances where repairing the power lines can take multiple days. So what if repairing the power lines took multiple days? What if you can’t get access to more fuel to power a generator? Having a solar energy system with a battery backup can be a simple solution that works. 

Battery Backup Systems are Hassle Free

With a battery backup system, you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel for your generator or for the electrical power grid to be fixed. With a Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge, your critical loads will continue to operate normally. And you can safely and comfortably remain in your home until the utility company restores power to the grid. This is why having an emergency plan is essential for your family’s safety. Don’t forget to have an emergency power plan to ensure your access to fresh food, clean water, and vital communication during the stormy season!

Their original solar panel system was grid-tied, meaning it would only operate when the electric grid was up and running. This was great for offsetting their electrical bill, but it left them in the dark during an outage. Adding battery capacity allowed their emergency power system to continue operating during a power outage while still offsetting their electrical bill whenever the grid was up and running. The best part is that it integrates seamlessly with the Enphase microinverters, allowing for a more resilient, efficient energy system. 

5 Advantages of a Home Solar Battery

In 2020, Forme Solar installed more battery storage systems than in previous years. Why? Because homeowners have started to understand that protection from power outages is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Solar energy with a solar battery can provide energy security and can also help maximize your annual savings with solar. Here is a deeper look into what solar batteries can offer and the benefits:

1. Resiliency from Power Outages

With a solar battery backup system, you will have power when the grid goes down, allowing you to continue using your everyday household appliances, air conditioning, lighting, and more. The best part is, even during a power outage, your solar panels will recharge your battery backup. A battery backup gives your home added safety, resilience, and comfort.

utility lines worker working electrical repair

2. Improving your Savings 

Most utility companies are now switching their customers to a new billing plan commonly referred to as Time-of-Use. This makes the cost of electricity during certain times much more expensive. Typically when you need to consume energy the most, 4 pm-9 pm. With a battery back, you consume electricity when it is cheapest and use the energy stored in your battery when it is most expensive. 

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3. No Extra Cost or Headache for Backup Power

When you have a battery energy storage system, there will be no additional cost to power your home when the grid goes down. Compared to a home generator that runs on propane, or gasoline a solar battery backup system is much cleaner and quieter. In addition, some jurisdictions do not allow a diesel generator to run for extended periods of time. In comparison, solar batteries get fuel from battery backup systems from sunlight. However, this also has drawbacks since this fuel is heavily dependent on weather conditions and only available for half of the day. 

4. Battery Backup Incentives and Rebates

When you purchase a battery backup with a solar system, you can qualify for a 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). You can also be eligible for the Federal ITC for your battery purchase, even if you already have solar panels. In addition, some California residents may be eligible for the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). The SGIP provides incentives to qualifying California residents’ rebates to adopt technologies like wind turbines, combustion engines, fuel cells, and advanced energy storage systems. 

5. Future Value of Electricity

In the future, we will use more and more electricity than today. In a few years, you and your neighbors will have an Electric Vehicle, which will only further enhance the need for a battery backup. Having the proper electrical infrastructure for your home will ensure that your home will be Smart Home ready. With a solar battery backup system, people feel safer in their homes. As well as save costs by relying less on the utility companies. 

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Are you interested in a solar battery system? If you are considering solar panels for your home or business, you should also consider a solar battery system. As one of the leading American solar installation companies focused on clean energy, we can be your perfect companion when making the switch over to clean energy.

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