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*Price and time will be impacted if you need to replace your main service panel, type of roof shingle, financing, distance etc. Size requirements apply.

Most Popular Option: All-Rounder Package

q cell 335 all black
REC 410 PURE All-Black

25-Year Solar Panel Warranty

Great Value, All-Black Look, High Performance

enphase microinverter
Enphase IQ8M Microinverters

25-Year Inverter Warranty

Highest CEC Efficiency of 97.5%, Advanced Monitoring

unirac black mounting
Black Unirac Mounting

25-Year Mount Warranty

UL 2703 certification, with Best-in-Class Aesthetics

workmanship warranty 25 year
Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

Solar Installation, Personalized for your Roof

3 Steps to Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

solar design quote consultation

Personalized Solar Quote

We want to ensure that your solar energy system designed to last 25 years is built correctly and safely from the start. Design is one of the most essential parts to maximizing your savings.

los angeles shingle repair

On-Site Solar and Roof Inspection

Check the property and the roof to see the safety and rooftop availability to see how much electricity costs we can offset. Elements like load calculations will ensure your home's safety.

solar install los angeles

Solar Panel Installation

On average, our rooftop solar installation service is typically completed in less than 4 hours! See what a great quality solar panel installation experience looks like.


Improve the value of your home while protecting your family from outages.


Solar Installation

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Solar Installation and Solar Panel Repair Services

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Many people are aware that solar is a great home efficiency upgrade and are eager to reduce their carbon footprint while also improving their property value. The challenge has been the experience, most people who go solar typically have a poor installation experience. By specializing in Home Solar Panel Repair we ensure that you have a great experience going solar for your home or business.

We started off specializing in repairing the mistakes of other solar companies near us. From not having their system activated, failing to get a permit, substantial loss of production, to hotspots we have been able to provide a good experience to our customers and reduce cost by knowing what issues to prevent so that we don't have to come back to fix our job.

Resources About Installing Solar on Your Roof

We have selected a few resources to help you better understand the benefits of solar panels.

solar forme project sunlight

Get answers to your most burning solar questions!

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See how much going solar can save you.

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What is solar electricity? What are panels made of?

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With solar, your electricity meter runs "backwards."

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Going solar should be easy. Find out what to look for.

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Will going solar impact your home value?

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