Promotional image for solar installation enhancements featuring solar energy panels, battery storage, cables, and a contact number.
Promotional image for solar installation enhancements featuring solar energy panels, battery storage, cables, and a contact number.

Solar Installation Enhancements You Should Consider

Many homeowners and businesses have made the decision to invest in solar power, choosing to install systems that will provide clean energy for 25+ years without maintenance costs. However, as you may have realized, there are many reasons why you might want to consider upgrading your existing solar power system.

It is a convincing pitch, one that is largely rooted in the truth.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are extremely durable and resistant to impacts (which is precisely why they ship with multi-decade warranties). And regular preventative maintenance can improve durability even more.

Therefore, if your current solar system is functional, why bother going through the hassle and expense of enhancing it?

Let’s explore.

Why Upgrade or Expand Current Solar Power Systems?

The reason for upgrading an old solar installation is actually very strong. Here are three of the most well-liked.

1. Maintenance and Servicing

Technically speaking, this category might be more of an "upgrade" than a traditional "repair," but whenever a PV system component breaks down or begins to perform poorly, it's essential to replace that element to keep the system producing solar electricity and saving money on utilities.

A typical residential or business PV system includes the following additional components in addition to the solar modules, which may have a 25-year warranty on their own:

  • Both batteries and inverters have substantially shorter warranties when they are shipped (five to 15 years on average).
  • Typically, the system's cables, nuts, screws, and bolts are not covered by any kind of warranty.
  • Keep in mind that other system components, each with its own warranty requirements, such as fuses, circuit breakers, junction boxes, and combiner boxes, are also important.

Any of the items mentioned could fail. You'll then need to replace the outdated hardware in the original components.

2. Increased Utility Bill Savings

Many solar consumers want to reduce their utility costs by producing more clean energy locally. And they achieve this by upgrading their current PV system or adding newer components when necessary.

The most common method of expansion is probably to add more panels. This strategy not only results in improved savings but also lessens your carbon footprint. However, including batteries, monitoring solar power, or charging electric vehicles (EVs) all count as modifications.

3. More Power Generation

A well-designed solar PV system should be appropriately scaled to meet the owner's needs, with a little extra room just in case. Budgeting for future energy needs is challenging, though. And many solar customers eventually find themselves having to expand their capacity as their power consumption requirements rise over time as a result of the addition of new family members or power-hungry equipment (like electric vehicles).

Additionally, increasing utility costs can influence you to enhance your solar capacity. The same is true for reducing panel costs as well as additional incentives and subsidies.

Also, keep in mind that there are other ways to increase your system's power output except by adding panels. For instance, when there is a power outage, many older solar arrays automatically shut down and stop supplying energy to the grid. This safety measure, called "islanding," is intended to safeguard utility employees as they work to restore downed electrical lines. Although many more recent PV installations also have anti-islanding equipment, solar panels can still supply electricity to your home or place of business even if the rest of the grid is down.

These are only a few alternative reasons why company owners and homeowners should upgrade their systems. The people that combine distributed energy sources like PV panels, batteries, and EVs and sell this electricity on "spot" energy markets are another class of solar clients. However, aggregators will soon be able to participate in the wholesale energy markets according to FERC. When this occurs, a lot of aggregators will upgrade or expand their current capacity in order to increase earnings.

Upgrades to Energy Panels after Solar Installation

When solar energy systems are installed, panel upgrades are frequently required, especially when older buildings or outdated energy panels are involved. When compared to on-grid use, solar energy draw is often higher, which can damage energy panels. When the current energy panel is inadequate or only rated for lesser amperages, panel improvements are necessary for these situations.

Solar Panel Add-On Following Installation

After the first installation, more solar panels might be necessary for your property due to an increase in energy demand. Typical add-ons include more solar panels, an inverter, a better energy panel, or even a 220V outlet. In order to charge the electric vehicle effectively with captured solar energy, a 220V outlet and a 40amp breaker are fitted.

When considering additional panels for extra solar electricity, be careful to keep in mind any size or location limits imposed by your local HOA as well as the limitations of your roof space. When attempting to boost solar energy consumption, these obstacles could cause problems.

Battery Storage for Added Solar Power

It is possible to enhance battery storage when you already have it installed or to add battery storage to an existing solar energy system to maximize energy retention. It may be necessary to recalibrate the system to accommodate your increasing needs if your ability to conserve and store energy using a battery storage system is boosted.

While you're away, you can use energy that has been collected throughout the day by using storage to run electronics at home at night, charge your car, or run your devices while you're away.

When there is a big power outage or when the grid is down, additional solar battery storage can provide several hours to several days' worth of electricity. When the grid goes down, you have the option to safely power your home using off-grid solar energy.

Forme Solar can perform an audit of your energy usage, including how much is utilized and when. We can create a map of what the battery will run in the event of an outage using this information to assist us in deciding what you want it to source. Additionally, we can assist with programming your backup battery and setting it up for effective energy storage.

Advantages of Upgrading an Existing Solar Panel

Solar panel installation is a very personal decision. The same is true for adding on to an existing PV installation; most system owners decide to do so for the reasons mentioned previously, including maintenance, cost savings, energy security, and profit maximization (in the case of aggregators).

However, because upgrading costs money, it is important to weigh the estimated expense of expanding against the anticipated benefit. For instance:

  • Fixing a malfunctioning or subpar system is an investment that almost always pays for itself.
  • Before starting any expansions, you can plan for upgrading to increase utility bill savings.
  • Because each customer is unique, it can be challenging to price energy security. However, it becomes simpler to conduct a cost/benefit analysis if having a baby or buying an electric vehicle result in higher utility expenses.
  • It makes sense for an aggregator to increase the amount of additional solar capacity that they can profitably offer (at a profit).


Even a solar installation that is operating flawlessly may benefit from an upgrade for a number of reasons. Moving forward can be the best course of action for you if the return on investment is sufficiently alluring.

Trading your current solar system for an upgrade is not your only choice if you want to boost returns, savings, or energy security. Without paying out a fortune up front, it could be possible to get more use out of your PV installation.

Call Forme Solar right now to discuss upgrading your energy panel, expanding your solar panel grid, or incorporating battery storage to improve the availability of your energy. Schedule an appointment today!