Top 5 Cons of Home Solar Panels

In conclusion, the pros of solar energy solar energy outweigh the cons. The cost of solar panels is a high initial investment, but solar technology and financing enable solar energy for your home to be more accessible than ever before. By going solar, you can reduce the cost of electricity while supporting a greener initiative. 

1. The cost of going solar

The initial cost of purchasing a solar energy system is relatively high, and there are numerous low-cost ways to lower your electricity costs. (Read our guide on how you can troubleshoot high electricity bills) Solar energy for your home can be an investment that substantially reduces the amount of electricity you purchase from the expensive utility companies. Installing solar panels on your roof can save you thousands of dollars on your electricity bill and helps ensure that you protect yourself from the continually rising utility costs. But there is an upfront cost associated with going solar. The upfront costs include paying for solar panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and installation. 

2. Cost of Having Solar – Solar Repair and Roof Repair

Although the amount of maintenance that your solar energy system requires would be minimal, there could be instances where you will need solar repair or roof repair. By having solar installed on your roof, your roof repair cost will be more difficult and expensive. This is because it will cost money to remove the solar panels from your roof and reinstall them after repaired. By working with a company specializing in solar repair and roof repair, you can mitigate much of the cost that could arise when issues occur. 

3. Solar Panels Require a Lot of Space

The more electricity you want to offset, the more solar panels you will need. Solar panels require a lot of space on a home’s roof, and some roofs are not large enough to fit the number of solar panels necessary to offset your electricity consumption. An alternative is to install some of the solar panels in your backyard as a ground-mounted system, but this can typically be expensive because it could require trenching. If you don’t have the space for all the panels you wanted, you can install a fewer number of solar panels to help offset your utility costs. This will ensure that you can stay on a lower-tiered electricity rate. The price of energy increases as more energy is used during a billing cycle, and a small system can help ensure you stay in the cheaper electricity tier. 

4. Solar Panels are Heavily Weather Dependent

Weather can play a substantial impact on the performance of your solar energy system. Solar panels are very dependent on the amount of sunlight they are exposed to generate solar energy. Solar energy works by harness the sun’s radiation into usable energy that can power your household devices. This electricity can be used in your home or exported to the grid when it isn’t needed. During cloudy days, your solar panels will still produce electricity but not to the degree that it would on a typical sunny day.

5. Solar Panel Disposal and Pollution

Solar panels are the cornerstone of sustainability and can help eliminate our dependence on carbon-based fuels. Among the compounds found in solar panels are cadmium and lead, metals that need to be disposed of properly. Also, some toxic materials and hazardous products are used during the manufacturing process of solar energy systems. Which can indirectly affect the environment. But despite this, solar energy creates far less pollution than other alternative energy sources. 

Mitigate the Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Mitigate the disadvantages of solar energy by working with a solar company that provides end-to-end services. From solar design to solar removal and disposal. An experienced solar energy technician who does more than just solar installation can help ensure that the work properly. And that is being done while considering the most significant disadvantages of solar energy. We take extraordinary steps to properly inspect your roof, design your solar panel layout, and solar removal. This will help you ensure that you have a great experience going solar and save money on future electricity bills. 

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