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Solar Panel Repair
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Solar Battery Repair

Solar Inverter Repair and Solar Panel Maintenance

By leaving the repair of your solar energy system to industry veterans like Forme Solar, you can rest assured that you will receive unmatched customer experience coupled with a peace-of-mind guarantee. We can supply and install an array of different solar panels, inverters, and solar batteries. No matter if it as simple as resetting your inverter to replacing your solar panels, our expert solar technicians will deliver prompt 5-star service with a smile.

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Solar Panel Repair Services - Quick and Seamless

Your solar panel energy system if installed properly will virtually maintain themselves for years. However, in the event that either you are looking for a diagnostic inspection, to repair our solar technicians and engineers work together to identify and resolve your solar energy issues.

And Forme Solar is here to offer you reliable solar panel repair services and removal with our skilled solar technicians. Forme Solar has been in the solar energy business for a long time, with over 10 years of solar experience. Our expert technicians will ensure that your solar energy system continues to produce efficiency for your residential or commercial buildings.

We have access to top-quality solar panels, inverters, and batteries. More important, we geek out in this space. Solar and battery backup is our passion and with our experience we have troubleshooted almost every solar issue you can think of.

5-star solar experience starts with access to top quality, professionally

installed equipment at highly competitive rates. Give Forme Solar the opportunity to provide you that experience.

Specializing in Solar Panel Maintenance

Have a Solar Panel, Inverter, or Battery Backup issue? Call Forme Solar today!

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Solar Panel Repair

From solar panel hot spots to your solar energy system not turning on our solar panel specialists can help troubleshoot your solar energy system.

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Solar Energy Inspection & Diagnostics

Our solar technicians will do a thorough inspection from checking the connections between the solar panels and inverters, to inspecting your main electrical panel.

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Solar System Maintenance

90% of the time we can remotely monitor, and preemptively update and remotely diagnose an issue with your solar panel system and what is needed to repair it.


Maximize the value of your solar energy system by properly maintaining your investment.


Solar Panel Repair

Solar Inverter Repair

Solar Battery Repair

Solar Panel Repair and Maintenance Inspection

Here at Forme Solar Electric, our customer's safety is #1. Working with electrical systems can be complex and dangerous. We go through proper steps to ensure the safety of our team members and every homeowner that we see. By conducting a rigorous safety checklist, we can isolate the exact issue that your solar energy system is experiencing and ensure every customer the same great experience.

Comprehensive Solar Panel Repair Main

Even if your solar power system is working correctly, it is vital to get regular maintenance done every few years to ensure that that it stays that way. Just like a car that needs regular checkups every 50,000 miles, solar energy systems also need a regular checkup to ensure that the system is working correctly and safely. We do a solar repair diagnostic check to ensure that we properly identify the issue, and how to best fix it for the homeowner. By performing regular checkups and routine maintenance, you will ensure that your solar energy system runs for years and years. Just like a car, the more years you can make it run with proper maintenance, the better your overall ROI.

Examine the Solar Interconnection Breaker

Our solar repair technicians will inspect your solar energy system. One of the services that a solar maintenance specialist may perform is to check the electrical panel and main interconnection breaker. The circuit breaker for your solar energy system is one of the essential parts of your solar energy system. Their primary task is to help regulate the flow of electricity from your solar panels to a short-circuit. A circuit breaker protects your electrical system by opening up a circuit to help control the flow of electricity. During power surges, your interconnection breaker may have a fault. Our solar repairman will inspect your interconnection breaker to ensure that it is working correctly and free from any damage.

Investigate the Solar Inverter Error Codes

The solar inverter is one of the most critical components of your solar energy system. It connects the solar energy system to the battery system to change the energy captured by the solar panels (DC energy) to the power that can be used by your household devices (AC energy). Without a solar inverter, regardless of how much energy your panels generate, your home appliances won’t be able to use any of it. If there are any issues with your inverters, regardless of whether they are a string inverter or a micro-inverter, you may be getting less production out of your solar energy system than you could be. There is a strong possibility that due to an issue with your inverter, your solar panels may be producing plenty of energy every day, but your home isn’t able to accept any of it. At Forme Solar Electric, we will inspect the connections between your string inverter, your main service panel, and the solar panels to ensure that your solar panel investment continues to produce as intended. If needed, we will also thoroughly clean your solar inverter to ensure that it is properly working at it’s peak performance for years.

Compliance with Local and State Laws and Codes

The safety of your home and your family means everything to us, and we will inspect to ensure the original solar panel installer adequately met local and state compliance regulation codes. Each city has its unique codes and regulations that must be adhered to when installing solar panels to ensure that solar panels do not pose a danger to you, your family, and your roof. These laws are typically put in place to provide adequate safety due to the environment that they know your solar energy system will encounter. From what materials usually make up your home to the weather patterns that could create issues. That is why it is so vital to ensure that your solar energy system is installed to code, to help minimize the chance of anything going wrong. The risk is just too considerable. The solar industry has come a long way in the last ten years, and so has the updated codes to help homeowners. These laws that your solar installer must adhere to have ranged from having additional smoke alarms, to where the wiring of your solar energy system can be positioned. Here at Forme Solar Electric, we will conduct a checklist audit of your solar energy system to ensure that your solar energy system is safe, to minimize the risk of fire or damage to your home.

Examine the Junction Boxes and Electrical Wiring

As an electrical company, we know that the most common way to determine the point of failure for your solar energy system is to determine whether all of the electricity is properly flowing through the wires. Sometimes, the electrical wiring in the junction boxes or underneath the solar panels can be frayed or cut, which could expose the wiring and potential create a short. One of the typical solar repairs that we have to make it due to the improper connection between the wires in a junction box, or poor mounting that results in electrical shorts when wires cross. Your solar energy system was designed to last for more than 20 years, but some large solar installers may not know the local weather patterns using material that may not be well suited in the outdoor environment your home is located. Different pieces of equipment need to be used to withstand substantial fluctuations in temperature and humidity. For homes in California like San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside County can experience severe temperature changes within the same day plus a substantial amount of humidity as well. This can erode the components that help to stabilize your solar energy system. Therefore, another element of troubleshooting that a solar panel maintenance specialist will do is check the electrical wiring to ensure proper electrical flow across all of the electrical wiring and connections that attach the solar arrays with the inverter.

Inspect for Dirt and Shade performance Degradation

Here at Forme Solar Electric, we understand how important it is for your solar energy system to be performing at it’s absolute best. For solar panels to work efficiently, sunlight is required, and factors like shade and dirty panels can degrade the performance of your solar energy system. No matter the brand of solar panels or their level of efficiency, if they are not adequately capturing sunlight, they won’t work as efficiently. Shade can dramatically decrease the amount of electricity that your solar energy system can produce. We will inspect your system and outside elements to check for possible obstructions and other physical obstacles that may impact your solar energy system’s performance. Book with the best solar repair company today!

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