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Annual CHiPs for Kids Toy Drive Gets a Helping Hand

The holiday season is upon us, and this year undoubtedly feels a bit different than the holiday season we all look forward to. Instead of gathering with extended family around a tree, a fireplace, or the dinner table or jet-setting to faraway destinations, many of us will be unwrapping gifts over Zoom or sending season’s greetings over the phone versus in-person. The phrase “Home for the holidays” has taken on a whole new meaning. Nevertheless, there are still many opportunities to keep the holiday cheer alive while staying safe. Therefore, Forme Solar was excited to share the holiday cheer with underprivileged children by lending a hand to the CHiP Annual Toy Drive.

California Highway Patrol + Forme Solar Toy Drive Overview

CHiP toy drive forme solar

Forme Solar Electric and the California Highway Patrol have teamed up to collect toys for the disadvantaged. 

CHiPs for Kids Toy Drive is a Community Outreach Program that has been in existence for 32 years.

As part of the California Highway Patrol’s (CHP) annual CHiPs for Kids Program, the CHP and its partners like Forme Solar hosted a day to help kick-off this year’s campaign.

Happy Holidays from Forme Solar Electric

Here at Forme Solar Electric, we’re capturing the spirit of the holiday season by giving back. While 2020 has been a challenging year for many, we lean on our core values and gratitude foundation. In the spirit of honoring our successes has been derived from showing thankfulness during this extraordinary time. Therefore, we felt that the ‘gift of giving’ would be more appreciated this year. In place of our annual holiday gifts, Forme Solar is donating over 100 toys to underprivileged children. We’re all in this together, and serving our communities is an essential part of our path. 

forme solar charity toy drive

Despite this year’s challenges, we have no shortage of things to be grateful for, including our continued growth. Our incredibly dedicated Forme Solar Electric team, our amazing customers, and our supportive partners. We close out 2020 optimistically, with significant strides being made in solving the global climate change crisis. And see a paradigm change in how we all have changed our relationship with electricity as we work-from-home.

As we look toward the future, let’s make the most of this socially distanced holiday season with an extra dose of festiveness. Human connection knows no bounds. Reach out to family, friends, and community members to wish them well. Most importantly, no matter how you decide to celebrate, we hope you all a healthy, hearty, and happy holiday season. Most important, we hope that you look forward to what the coming year brings us all. 

Forme Solar’s Philanthropic Involvement

The Forme Solar team’s philanthropic involvement has been extensive within our community over the years. We continually seek new ways to incorporate the act of giving into our company structure. Forme Solar has participated in events that help give back to our local community. From fundraising for California Highway Patrol to donate toys to the underprivileged to adopting local families during the holidays.

Our team’s mission is to help individuals and families struggling with homelessness get back to a stable and safe living situation. It’s rewarding to partner with a company that empowers individuals and families to have hope for a brighter, cleaner future

We wish you a very Happy Holiday Season from our Forme Solar Team!