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Get a solar energy system design that is optimized to save your business money. Utilize the latest in commercial solar energy storage, panels, and maintenance packages to ensure a proper ROI for your business:

  • Control Future Electricity Costs
  • Increase Property Value
  • Ensure your Business Keeps Running
  • Tax Credits and Depreciation, and More!

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From Commercial Solar Carports to Cost Savings

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Solar for Businesses and Commercial Buildings

Lower Energy Costs

Solar can save up to 75% on your business utility costs. Lower operating costs and free up capital for other business investments.

Secure Low Energy Rates

Reduce your electric consumption with the utility company through a solar purchase or lock-in low electricity rates

Backup Energy

Your business needs energy to run, we can design a solution to include energy storage batteries to ensure your business doesn't stop running.

Going Green

By encouraging energy efficient buildings we can promote healthier, more productive places that reduce stress on the environment.

Commercial Solar Installation Costs Less Than You Think

With the government incentives like the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) and Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) going solar costs less than you think.

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Solar Energy Systems

Commercial solar systems reduce costs by lowering the cost of energy, and protect your business from future rate hikes.

Energy Storage Systems

Commercial energy storage provides you with the capability to store and shift power, reducing your energy dependence.

Service & Repair

We offer affordable, top-quality inspection and repair services to ensure your business investments are protected.

Solar Panels for Commercial Properties

For Commercial Businesses, Solar is a No Brainer!

Lower Carbon Footprint

Most of the electricity generated in the USA comes from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Using fossil fuels is costly and dangerous to the environment. By contrast, solar energy is free and readily available! If we could get all of the sun's energy gleaming on the Earth for just 60 minutes, we could power the whole world for one year!

Increase CAP Rate

Imagine if your commercial property had no electricity costs. Would your tenants be willing to pay a higher rent? Of course! Not only will a commercial property owner be able to essentially get free electricity after 5-7 years, your tenants can even help offset the costs. If you want to increase your CAP rate on your commercial property, going solar is the best way to do that.

Add Value to Your Property

Prospective solar customers have valid concerns that range from the effect on their home value, finances, to how it impacts the resale value of their house. Research has shown that by going solar, not only will your home sell for more, it will typically sell faster as well. Homes with a solar PV system saw an increase of 3.74% of the average sale price.

Commercial Solar Process & Services

Forme Solar is always there for you!
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Professional Consultation

Call and get started with our commercial solar experts

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Technical Engineering Design

We will ensure your commercial solar system is built correctly and safely to meet to best meet your goals

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Solar Energy System Installation

Installation by licensed professionals with decades of commercial roofing and solar experience.

Commercial Solar

Regardless of where you are in the process, we can help.


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We pride ourselves on our quality, and reliability. When you go with Forme Solar, be prepared to be treated with respect, and a customer-focused experience from start to finish. Thank you for givings us the opportunity to treat your property like it was our own.

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Our highly skilled Solar Experts are passionate about providing you the best possible experience and easiest process possible. We can ensure our dedicated team of experts will help ensure that your business is able to best leverage solar in ways that make sense for you, your business, and your customers!

We are your one-stop-shop for your Commercial Solar or Industrial Solar System project needs. Regardless of the complexity of your project, our goal is to make it simple by helping to design, create, and develop your vision. We can help you build your solar needs whether you need; rooftop solar, ground mount solar, carport solar, long-span canopy or tracker. Our team of experienced Solar experts are the best in the industry to ensure that your particular project requirements are compliant with both State and Federal regulations and codes.