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Your solar energy system is built to last for over 20 years. Your roof may not last that long. Call Forme Solar at 714) 694-2262, we can help ensure that your solar panels are removed, roof is fixed, and your solar is properly reinstalled and operational.

From Solar Removal, Roof Repair, to Reactivation

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One-Stop-Shop for Solar Panel Removal and Roof Repair

We Specialize in Solar Repair and Solar Activation

All-in-One Roof Repair & Solar Removal Services

With Forme Solar Electric you can rest assured a licensed electrician is handling your solar removal and system reactivation. By working with Forme Solar to do your reroof and solar removal, you can rest assured that all solar and roofing-related warranties are handled by the same licensed contractor.

  • Lower Repair Costs
  • Faster Turnaround Times
  • Fewer Scheduling Headaches
  • Easier Insurance Paperwork Processing
  • 7-Year Roof Penetration Warranty
  • Parts and Labor 30-Day Guarantee
  • One-Stop-Shop and More!

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Roof Repair and Roof Replacement Services

We are your roofing repair and maintenance experts. From water leaks, to broken shingles, call your local roofing experts. If you have an existing solar panel system, we can safely remove and reinstall after the roof repair.

Solar Panel Removal & Solar Panel Replacement

Your solar panel system will most likely last longer than your roof. Not only can we do your roofing, we can removing and reinstalling your solar panel system as well. Your solar energy system is a complicated machine, ensure it is properly removed and activated.

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How our Solar Removal and Reinstallation Process Works

At Forme Solar, we ensure that we maximize your savings by safely removing and properly reinstalling your solar energy system. Most roofers aren't trained to handle high-voltage electrical equipment like a solar energy system. So most roofs won't repair your roof unless you contact a solar company that will first remove the solar panels before they start working on your roof. That is because removing your solar panels can be a liability. Since they won't know how to properly reinstall the solar panels once the roof is finished.

Our professional solar panel removal and reactivation technicians will handle everything from the execution of the work to the administrative paperwork. Ensuring a properly working solar energy system that continues to save you watts of money!

Safely Removing your Panels is our #1 Priority

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5-Star Quality Roof and Solar Services.

Top Quality Roofing Material and Service

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Solar Panel Removal, Repair and Reactivation Process

Solar Removal

We provide an all-in-one service to safely remove your existing solar panels before your roof repair.

Roofing Service and Repair

With our experience being on roofs and leak prevention, we the importance of quality roofing material and service.

Solar Panel Reinstall & Activation

By adding a solar energy system at the same time of your roof repair, you may be able to maximize your solar & roof's ROI.

5-Star Solar Repair and Removal Service

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5 stars

"From the very start of calling in for support, we felt as though we were being taken care of. They were friendly, courteous, and most importantly responsive. My original solar company wasn't available despite multiple attempts and ways to reach them."

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Shannon C.

Los Angeles, CA

5 stars

"I had production issues with my solarcity system. I had no idea what the issue was but my system's performance dropped by about half. The team at Forme came out to check it out. They were able to find the issue and fix it immediately. I also liked the fact they tested the system 2x "

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Ryan K.

Fountain Valley, CA
5 stars

"So my original solar installer was no longer in existence (problems with the Cartel) and after hours of laying on the couch researching I narrowed it down to Forme Solar. Did. Not. Disappoint.

Save yourself some time on all the research. Definitely recommend Forme to handle all your solar needs."

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Alvin K.

Fullerton, CA
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