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At Forme Solar Electric, we have experts in solar and electrical systems who will provide expert solar panel installation that is guaranteed to last for years.

Your 5-Star Solar Installation Experience Starts with Access to the Best Quality Equipment at the Lowest Cost

Solar Services From Install to Repair

Solar panels are a big investment, but they provide several benefits to any homeowner who uses them. They can provide huge savings on electricity bills, improve the value of a home, and are great for the environment. At Forme Solar, we have experts in solar and electrical systems who will provide expert solar panel installation that is guaranteed to last for years.

Solar Installation

Solar panels for your home or business can be a terrific investment.

Service & Repair

We specialize in solar energy system repair. From inverters to solar panels.

Energy Saving Products

From electric vehicle (EV) chargers to solar batteries like the Tesla Powerwall.

Solar Purchase

Maximize your ROI when going solar. Typical payback is within 7 years.

Solar Lease

Like a car lease, you can get solar with no upfront cost and a small monthly fee.

Solar PPA

Solar power purchase agreement. Lock in your electricity rate prices.

If you need professional service to do either troubleshooting, repair or installation of electrical solar services we are here to do the right job the first time.  Our team making sure every job is completed according to specifications, local codes, and national codes and complies with safety standards.

A solar panel can reduce those costs to zero, or nearly zero, depending on the size and energy usage of the home.When your solar system generates more power than you use, your electric meter will run backwards—meaning that you are giving power to the grid, rather than taking it—and you will receive a credit on your electric bill. When this happens, you can end up saving thousands of dollars in just a few years and help to increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars. Homes with solar panels also get sold faster, so they are a good investment even if you plan to move eventually.Lastly, you can give yourself a pat on the back because your panels will be producing clean, renewable energy for your family in the decades to come.

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solar repair before and after junction box
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