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Looking to install EV chargers for your home or business?

It can be difficult to search for the best companies to install EV chargers for your business or home. What should you look for? Our difference is that we specialize in solar repair. This has allowed us to ensure that we know energy systems, existing rebates, and how to maximize savings.

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Business and Commercial EV Charger Installation

Stay Competitive with Profitable EV Chargers

Build Equity While Attracting Higher Value Traffic & Residents

By installing EV chargers to your business or apartment complex, you can attract some of the best types of traffic for your business or apartment. States like California provide substantial benefits to accelerate the path towards zero-emissions and the growth of electric vehicles means that without facilitating this rapidly growing group of consumers, you could be left behind.

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Commercial Electrical Energy Company

The choice of which company you will employ for your EV charger installation or EV charger repair is a very important one. You wanted a fully-licensed and qualified expert electrical technician with years of experience to ensure that your solar project is completed properly the first time. Forme Solar is a fully licensed electrical company that has technicians who are fully-trained, bonded, and licensed to give our customers that extra bit of peace-of-mind.

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Complete All-in-One Electrical Energy Company

Incentives to Building an EV Infrastructure

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Funded by the California Energy Commission, the California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) is working towards addressing the need for developing an electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures throughout all of California. This will help support the goals of improving air quality, reduce petroleum use and combat climate change. They realize that in order to support the intiative of 5 million zero-emission vehicles in California by 2030, an infrastructure to charge these cars is necessary. This will also provide delivers of plug-in electric vehicles with convenient access to chargers and strives to encourage more Californians to adopt EVs.

EV Charger Home Installation

EV Charger Installation for Homes

Whether you’re a business, or nonprofit, or a homeowner there is a strong change you will own an electric vehicle in the future and having an EV charger installed for your home could be a great way for you to avoid having to go to a gas station to pump.

An electric vehicle can be a wonderful way for to help the environment and an EV charger at your home can help you conveniently and quickly charge your electric vehicle.

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Level 2 EV Charger Installation

Installing EV Chargers for your business can provide substantial benefits for people who are looking to charge the car as well as the owners of businesses and apartment buildings. More and more drivers are going electric, and the in the not-so distant future we will have more electric vehicles than those that run off of carbon fuels. By working with electrical energy specialists, we can help reduce electricity costs, optimize the charger locations, and avoid costly updates like panel upgrades.