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Installing Solar Panels for your Home Should Be Easy

We are your all-in-one solar panel company. We can do everything from repairing a bad solar installation to installing carports. Forme Solar delivers great service and hires technicians with great solar and solar battery backup experience who are honest, respectable people. That’s exactly what we deliver at Forme Solar! We appreciate our customers and are continuously working to improve our services to offer you a best-in-class service from the moment you decide to install a solar energy system to anytime you have a solar related problem. Our dedicated team of friendly and knowledgeable consultants strive to make each service call an efficient and memorable experience.

Quality Solar Panel Installations

Solar Service Professionals Specializing in:

  • Solar Panel Repair
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Smart Battery Installation
  • Solar Maintenance
  • EV Charger Installation
  • Roofing, Electrical Services and more!

When you choose Forme Solar you are not only getting quality solar installation service and maintenance, you also found a reliable solar consultant for life. We are focused on building long-term relationships with our customers so you have a go-to solar consultant in case you have any questions about production or maintenance of your solar panel solution. Whether you have a solar thermal system that needs to be repaired or you are planning to install a solar panel system on your rooftop, we are here for you with the solution you need.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the reviews above and see why your neighbors continue to rely on us for their solar installation and service needs. Check out our company's difference.

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Read our customer reviews below to see what your neighbors have to say about Forme Solar Electric. We are also thrilled to be able to showcase some of our solar installations near you, from Los Angeles to San Diego.

If you would like to schedule your next service, call us at (877) 288-1097 and we will work with you on a time and date most convenient for you.

Joy Y. - Culver City, CA

"Forme Solar did a solid job with installing solar panels on my roof. Next step is to add solar batteries. Looking at the Tesla batteries but seems to make sense more than ever."

Norman T. - San Francisco, CA (Yelp)

"I'm loving my solar system! Been about 6 months but despite the coronavirus situation, everyone at FSE was responsive and great to work with. Sent my sales rep Bobby a question and he was friendly and knowledgeable. They did a great job. Nothing seems to be sticking out, or broken. 26 Q Cells panels and enphase microinverters. Bobby was awesome about troubleshooting my enphase monitoring system and walking me through how to set it up to see how much my system is producing. Have had no complaints after the installation was done. They sent a licensed electrician and am satisfied so far. Hoping to add solar batteries in the future. Just waiting for the price of the Tesla batteries to come down. I enjoyed worked with FSE and would recommend them."

Jessica Y. - Los Angeles, CA (Google)

"Great service, wonderful staff, and quality product! I highly recommend working with them."

Lindsey L - San Diego, CA (Yelp)

So helpful! Saw them on TV and gave them a call. They weren't able to provide service in my area spoke to them a few times about what to look out for and how to be a smart solar shopper. Terry was super helpful comparing different quotes and knew what to look out for. Super knowledgeable and helpful. Direct Message Thank

Taylor I. - Fountain Valley, CA (Yelp)

"Business for life! It was so easy to work with FORMESolar. I had limited knowledge of how to navigate the solar installation transition and am so glad to have found them. Nick D., my sales rep, was incredibly helpful at explaining all the benefits and best practices, evaluated my home, was very transparent during the sales and contracting process and helped me save money all the while! If you need solar you need to seriously consider FORMESolar!"

Katheryn C. - Fullerton, CA (Yelp)

"Was able to save 39% on my electricity bill after going solar with Forme. Got a few quotes and they were able to get me the greatest savings across the 5 quotes we received. If you're looking for a great conversation and a top of the line solar panel energy system with regards to efficiency, reliability and savings. You cant go wrong with Sunpower solar panels from Forme Solar. Our solar system was installed on time and they were here when they said it would be here. It was an easy process to switch my Edison bill for a cheaper monthly solar bill."

Art P. - Cerritos, CA (Yelp)

"Nick is a great solar provider. Nick is a great customer service provider. Nick will deliver and get your job done. Can you tell I was happy with Nick's service? If you're looking for solar panels, look no further. Here's my review:

1.) I got the sale pitch from at least 5 different companies and did research on energysage.com and had a contract with Tesla Solar. MANY MANY MANY hours just wasted in listening through pitches and presentations to get to a final price. All I really cared about was what kind of panels? Warranties? How much will it cost $/Watt.

2.) I messaged Forme on yelp stating, "Hey I'm tired of hearing presentations. I need a XXX sized system, cut to the chase how much will it be $/Watt.

3.) VERY quickly Nick responded, no sale pitch no nothing. Here's the $/watt with x,y,z panel/inverter and warranty info.

4.) I didn't like the panel and Nick didn't have a problem or preference with my personal choice. He gave be sound, logical recommendations and if I wanted something else, he helped procure that with the best price possible (all on Yelp Messenger mind you).

5.) Once I spoke to Nick, he explained his service ... I don't know much about this but it seems very common that there are Solar Salesmen and then there's solar installers. Nick is a solar salesmen, he does not install the solar panel, nor is your contract with Nick. Very odd I know, but it seems to be the business of solar and I'm one happy customer. DO IT, talk to Nick.

6.) Anyway on with the process, Nick polled me on energy usage and what not and recommended a system size after reviewing my roof layout etc etc. I felt that Nick's recommendation was "too large" and he was just trying to sell me more panels than I needed. So, I suggested how many panels I wanted and what size system I wanted. Boom done Nick made that happen, he acknowledged that I wanted a smaller system and that was not what his calculations said I needed but provided me with what I wanted. That's all we really want as consumers right? If you know what you want, Nick will provide it. If you don't know what you want, Nick is a professional and size it for you. Honestly, how will I know if Nick system is right or my requested size is right? As I sit here making energy in a winter month, it's way too hard to conclude now or anytime soon. The point is Nick gives you what you want/need.

7.) System sized, Nick explains who he works with and why its a good system. I sign the contract and we're off to the races. Oh wait. I signed my Contract in OCTOBER with the big big need for the system to be installed and working by the end of the year for the 2019 Tax Credit. Nick is professional, he CANNOT and did NOT guarantee this. This is because Nick has done the process too many times and there are too many variables (as you will see in my review to guarantee it). But Nick did promise he would do everything in his power to make it happen, by the way ... I'm making power before the end of the year (Nick DELIVERED).

8.) Installers come check out the home ... oh your roof needs to be replaced. Roof gets replaced (already scheduled by someone else, who I've left a yelp review for as well). Installers and Nick are really thorough with photos and follow ups. They specifically asked me for the signed off permit for the roof. Which became a huge problem because the City didn't want to sign off my roof. Installers and Nick both got involved to help find a remedy all while still proceeding with submitting their permits. One of the variables I'm talking about, how can Nick guarantee delivery if I'm the one stalling the roof approval etc. Nick and the installers figure out two plans of attack in case the roof permit really stalls out, all of this I'd say is above what anyone else would do. Most other companies would just say, ok call me when you get your problem fixed, then I'll schedule you. Nope, Nick knew I wanted this done by the end of the year and pushed with me in every aspect. Keeping the solar installer date booked even with this huge problem in front of us.

9.) Two weeks later, enough feathers were ruffled with the City and they just signed it to get us out of their offices (I think).

10.) Design gets submitted, design was insufficient. Another variable that is out of Nick's control. I'd say I was a little disappointed with the installers effort to getting the design approved but Nick pushed them but we did lose about 2 weeks here.

11.) Design approved, INSTALL NEXT DAY. All before Thanksgiving, as Nick told me would be the goal when discussed in October needing it all done by the end of the year.

12.) Installed, still need finishing touches and permitting. On permit day, the finishing touch team wasn't quite prepared to finish the job. I pushed and Nick pushed them to get there act together because we need this signed off! Well all of that pushing was wasted effort, because it was rainy and the inspector doesn't want to get wet."

S K. - Los Angeles, CA (Yelp)

"FORME makes Solar simple!!!They are quick to respond with a quote and explain the process in ways it's easy for a regular consumer to understand. They walked me through the entire process with patients and saved my family $$$ in the long term. I highly recommend giving them a call!"

David K. - Fullerton, CA (Yelp)

"Reliable and friendly staff. The prices are competitive and the process is simple. If you are planning on going solar, FORME Solar is definitely the way to go!"

Dale H. - Foothill Ranch, CA

"Came across these guys at the swap meet and was sold! They helped me see the long term benefits of solar in my home. Useful Funny Cool"

Jon C. - Arcadia, CA

"I requested a quote to switch to solar and promptly got a response in less than 15 minutes. After shopping around for a couple months I ultimately chose to work with these guys. They were the most friendly to deal with and offered the best rates. I'm a pretty busy person but they were very flexible and efficient - got everything done quickly! Overall, great service and I'm glad I made the switch to solar."

Robia C. - San Diego, CA

"My family has been interested in investing in solar panels for a while now but had trouble finding a company we felt comfortable with. Fortunately, we found FORME Solar. Not only was their quote the best, they were very informative and patient with us along the installation process. Thank you for the hassle free experience and saving us $$$ on our electric bill! Useful Funny Cool"

Esther J. - Milbrae, CA

"FORME is the way to go!! Very pleased with both process and the end result. It took over a month to get the solar installed but that's considered quick because it takes time to get the necessary permits (city and HOA) and Leanne and Jack walked me through theprocess every step of the way! I called a lot of solar companies in Orange County and decided to go with FORME because their team was on top of everything. Would highly highly recommend!!!!!"

Christie A. - Bell, CA

"Very happy with FORME Solar. My family has been interested in getting Solar, and I was recommended by a friend! Very happy with my experience, affordable and friendly staff."

Solomon P - Pasadena, CA

"You wont regret it!! Got a few quotes and decides to go with FORME because they explained every step for me. and everything was so easy! I had a llion questions but Leanne helped answer all of my worries promptly and in detail. Thank you FORME! Best decision to go Solar! "

Silvia K. - Arcadia, CA

Look no further, I've already done all the research for you. I've called multiple companies and recieved over 10 proposals and I must say FORME beats them all.... and by far! Spoke to Leanne and she walked me through all the options and made sure I fully understood the entire process. She explained what to expect and every task was completed and it actually exceeded my expectation.... which never happens. You won't regret it, just give it a try and ask for a proposal!! You'll be pleasantly surprised!!! 

Julia K. - Beuna Park, CA

This company has the most competitive prices and best customer service around! Excellent experience from beginning to end! Useful Funny Cool

Tiffany R. - Fort Lee, NJ

I was looking for a local solar company near Buena Park and found the perfect one close by!!! Customer service is great and answered all my questions with great expertise. If anyone is looking to install solar panels and a first timer, you should definitely call FORME Solar. Their services and prices quoted are pretty good.

Ashley P. - Yorba Linda, CA

My parents have been interested in getting solar and we found out about FORME Solar through a friend! Great affordable prices and the entire process was so smooth and the staff was extremely friendly! Definitely recommend!!

Shelby W. - Anaheim, CA

I spoke to multiple sales reps from OC and LA and many of them came off extremely strong and pushy calling me every day and night. Ultimately I decided to go with FORME because Leanne gave me plenty of time and space while giving me the exact answers I needed. The entire team was extremely professional and i just had an awesome experience with them. Loved the process and the end result. You rock FORME!

David L. - Fullerton, CA

Incredibly painless procedure from start to finish. My family and I have been on the fence about going solar for a few years now and we got a few different quotes, but after being introduced to FOMRE we decided to finally do it. The cost was surprisingly budget friendly and had options to choose from. They gave detailed information on every aspect that needed to be considered and delivered it in polite professional manner. Overall a very easy procedure from start to finish.

Galaxy W. - Hillcrest, Orem, UT

"Just got my Solar installed by them. I am actually surprised by all the knowledge they had about solar and their installation looks very professional.I always wanted to get solar but I put it off and off. After years of thinking about it, it's installed on my house and I can't believe I finally have it. Thanks guys!

Janice K. - Arcadia, CA

"I never write reviews but since this was a great experience I decided to break that habit.I am very satisfied with my new roof and solar panels! FORME delivered on their promises and made sure to go through every step with me to keep my plan and expectations realistic. Their execution and timing for the entire project were spot on. Leanne and her team paid an enormous amount of attention to detail from beginning to end.Thank you Forme!I am a very happy Green customer!"

Bobby S. - Santa Clarita, CA

"Extremely professional and friendly customer service. I had a issue with a prior company and since then I've been a bit wary about going solar.Michael was professional and walked me thru all of my inquiries in a way that made sense. Definitely a company I trust and would refer!"

Brad A. - Glendale, CA

"We recently used FORME Solar and after the excellent job they did on our roof and solar system they are the only company, we would use. They are very professional and great at what they do. Loved saving on our electric bill! Thank you Forme."

Jennifer L. - Los Angeles, CA

"Trustworthy. Efficient. AWESOME!! I'm so happy everytime I see my bill. Less than $7 every month just for the connection when I use to pay hundreds every month. More $$$$$ for my pocket and this was achieved with zero headache thanks to Forme. This can be you.. just ask for a proposal!"

Stephanie O. - West New York, NJ

"I didn't know anything about solar until Orme! I feel like now I can even sell solar to my friends! In fact my friend got solar a few months ago w Orme and told me to give Orme a call! Glad I took my friends advice!! Friends... looks no further and go solar with Orme! Last time to take advantage of the 30% tax credit!!!

Chris L. - Ladera Ranch, CA

"Used Forme solar to installed solar and an Lg Battery. They were the cheapest quote and the most responsive. Couldn't be happier with the service. They helped me understand every step of the process. Loved working with Forme."

Dara J. - Fullerton, CA

"Love the savings, hate the hype.Before going solar, I researched what it meant to go solar and spoke with various solar companies. I learned two things. 1. Solar companies really range in terms of their knowledge and 2. The promise of solar is overhyped! The full benefits of going solar can't be achieved without a battery option....isn't the idea of solar to automatically charge my home when my power goes out? Quotes including a solar battery just didn't make enough sense.When we finally decided to go solar, we picked Forme due to the combination of knowledge and competitive price. I'm seeing an immediate reduction on my electricity costs. Which is great since I'll need every penny I can get my hands on to add on a battery option."

Our primary goal is to educate qualified homeowners on the benefits of residential and commercial solar energy systems and storage.

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Solar can save up to 75% on your business utility costs. Lower operating costs and free up capital for other business investments.

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You work hard for your money. We offer the best services and products at prices you can afford. Reduce your electricity costs and lock-in low rates.

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Your business needs energy to run, we can design a solution to include energy storage batteries to ensure your business doesn't stop running.

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We encourage energy efficiency solar system installations to promote healthier, more productive places that reduce stress on the environment.