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We provide 5-Star Quality roof repair and solar services. Our experience inspecting and maximizing the life of a roof to ensure solar panels don't need to be replaced, brought about roofing expertise that has allowed us become experts in solar panel removal and roof repair.

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Solar Panel Removal and Roof Repair

We Specialize in Roof and Solar Repair

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With Forme Solar Electric you can rest assured that your roof will last just as long as your solar energy system.

  • Lower Repair Costs
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  • 7 Year Roof Penetration Warranty
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Roof Repair and Roof Replacement Services

We are your roofing repair and maintenance experts. From stopping leaks, to broken shingles, call your local roofing experts. If you have an existing solar panel system, we can safely remove and reinstall after the roof repair.

Solar Panel Removal & Solar Panel Replacement

Your solar energy system is a complicated machine. Ensuring that it is properly removed and activated by properly licensed electricians will extend the life of both your roof and solar energy system.

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How our Solar Removal and Reinstallation Process Works

At Forme Solar Electric, we coordinate with roofers and insurance companies to ensure that you maximize your savings while securely removing and properly reinstalling your solar energy system. Most roofers aren't trained to handle high-voltage electrical equipment like your solar energy system. So a lot of roofers aren't willing repair your roof unless the solar panels are removed. That is because removing your solar panels can be a liability that they do not wish to take on since they aren't sure how to reactivate the solar energy system once the roof is repaired.

Our professional solar panel removal and reinstallation service means that you are working with a solar company that will handle everything from the execution of the work to the administrative paperwork to ensure that your solar energy system is back on and operating as soon as possible. We help homes and businesses in Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside County ensure that the solar panels on their roof aren't a problem.

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We help both homes and businesses remove and replace their solar panels. Our expert technicians can help you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Safely Removing Solar Panels is Important

Going solar means a significant financial commitment. So before going solar, most homeowners typically repair their roofs since their solar energy system can last for 20+ years. But unexpected issues can arise that cause damage to your roof that force it to require repair or replacement. If you have a solar energy system on your roof, it is important to safely remove the panels before any roof work starts. Working with a qualified solar removal company can ensure that once the job is complete, the solar panels will be properly reinstalled and activated.

Top Quality Roofing Materials and Products

If you aren't already working with a qualified roofer, we can help you with an all-in-one seamless experience. With the high cost of your solar energy system, ensure your solar panel system runs just as efficiently as it did prior to the roof repair. We can provide a detailed quote that includes the roof repair, solar panel removal, and the reactivation of your solar energy system. Forme Solar Electric, uses only top quality roofing materials and products from manufacturers like Owens Corning. Not all roofing materials are made equal from the quality of the material to what warranties are available. And we take great pride in providing high quality products for your homes’ roof to ensure that your roof will last for years. When you choose Forme all of our products are backed 100% by our manufacturers when installed by us. Whether you need to repair a roof leak or get a new roof installed, Forme Solar Electric always uses top quality materials and products that best match your goals. Book with the best solar removal company today!

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Solar Panel Removal, Repair and Reactivation Process

Solar Removal

We provide an all-in-one service to remove your existing solar panels before your roof repair.

Roofing Service and Repair

With our experience being on roofs and leak prevention, we the importance of quality roofing material and service.

Solar Panel Reinstall & Activation

By adding a solar energy system at the same time of your roof repair, you may be able to maximize your solar & roof's ROI.

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5-Star Solar Repair and Removal Service

5 stars

"From the very start of calling in for support, we felt as though we were being taken care of. They were friendly, courteous, and most importantly responsive. My original solar company wasn't available despite multiple attempts and ways to reach them."

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Shannon C.

Los Angeles, CA

5 stars

"I had production issues with my solarcity system. I had no idea what the issue was but my system's performance dropped by about half. The team at Forme came out to check it out. They were able to find the issue and fix it immediately. I also liked the fact they tested the system 2x "

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Ryan K.

Fountain Valley, CA
5 stars

"So my original solar installer was no longer in existence (problems with the Cartel) and after hours of laying on the couch researching I narrowed it down to Forme Solar. Did. Not. Disappoint.

Save yourself some time on all the research. Definitely recommend Forme to handle all your solar needs."

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Alvin K.

Fullerton, CA

Solar Panel Removal & Reinstall FAQs

Why would I need to remove and reinstall my solar panels?

There are several reasons why homeowners have removed and reinstalled their solar panels. The primary reason is to perform roof repair or replacement. Other situations include; relocating the panels, upgrading their solar system, or performing maintenance on the roof or solar array.

Do I need to remove solar panels for roof issues or repair?

We recommend that if you are making repairs near your solar panels, removing the panels can protect them from any accidental damage. When you need to replace the entire roof or a section of the roof that is under the solar panels, the removal of the panels will be necessary for the roofer to access the roof.

How much does it cost to remove and reinstall solar panels?

The cost can vary widely based on several factors like the number of panels, location, the complexity of the removal and reinstallation. At Forme Solar Electric, the cost of removing and reinstalling solar panel systems from your roof will range from around $300 to $500. This cost incorporates the cost of labor, equipment for new flashings and roof material and any necessary permits. Reach out today at 714-694-2262 to get a customized quote.

Is it safe to remove and reinstall solar panels myself?

It's not recommended for most homeowners to attempt this task themselves, as it involves working with electrical components and potentially dangerous heights. This is also the reason why most roofing companies will not remove and reinstall the solar panels themselves. It's safer to hire a licensed and experienced solar panel installer who can ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

Will I experience any downtime while my solar panels are removed?

Yes. Depending on your solar energy system and how many panels are being removed, your solar energy system will be deactivated the removal and reinstallation process. The duration of the downtime depends on the complexity of the roofing work, but your solar removal and reinstall provider should give you an estimate of how long your system will be offline.