Solar Panel Installation

Adopting solar should be simple. Improve the value of your home while protecting your family from outages.

Why Our Residential Customers Go Solar

Lower Energy Costs

Solar can save up to 75% on your utility costs. Think of it as refinancing your electric cost for a lower bill.

Secure Low Energy Rates

Reduce your electric consumption with the utility company through a solar purchase or lock-in low electricity rates

Backup Energy

We can design a solution to include energy storage batteries to ensure you keep running during a power outage.

Going Green

By encouraging energy efficient homes we can promote healthier, more productive places for our future.

End-to-End Solar Installation Experts

Regardless of the type of job needed, we have the perfect end-to-end solution for you.

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Solar Energy Systems

Reduce your expenses by switching to lower-cost solar energy, and protect your home from future rate hikes.

Energy Storage Systems

Protect your family and home from brief blackouts by using energy storage to store and shift power.

Service & Repair

We offer affordable, top-quality inspection and repair services to ensure your solar home improvement is well protected.

Our Process & Services

Forme Solar is always there for you!

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Professional Consultation

Typically takes less than 15 minutes! Please have your last 12 months of electricity usage ready.

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Product Design

We will ensure your solar system is built correctly and safely to to best meet your goals.

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On average, our rooftop solar installation service and thorough cleanup is typically completed in less than 5 hours!

Solar Made Simple

Improve the value of your home while protecting your family from outages.


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Leading Solar Industry Partners

As the established broker of renewable energy for both residential and commercial solars. We have developed numerous partnerships with top Suppliers, Installers, and Finance companies throughout the United States.

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Residential and Commercial Experience

10 Years in the Making

Our highly skilled Solar Panel Expert Technicians are passionate about providing you the best possible experience and easiest process possible. Our dedicated team of experts will help ensure that your business is able to best leverage solar energy in ways that make sense for you, your business, and your customers!

Our experience in solar repair has allowed us to ensure we avoid the mistakes that typical fly-by-night solar companies make.

Get a FREE Solar Installation quote today and experience the difference!

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