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Coronado is known for being a resort city across the San Diego Bay from San Diego, National City and Chula Vista. It is home to one of the most historic hotels, Hotel Del Coronado. According to BestPlaces, there are 265 sunny days per year in Coronado versus a US average of 205. Which means an additional 60 sunny days to convert sunlight into savings. The amount of electricity, solar can generate is based on the amount of sunlight available.

By being an island city that gets lots of sunlight, going solar makes a lot of sense for homeowners and businesses in Coronado. Plus, with a solar panel + solar battery solution, you can gain protection from long term blackouts, an important consideration for being so isolated from the mainland.

Considering the sunny weather and the continuous rate hikes from SDG&E (San Diego Gas and Electric) installing solar panels on your home in Coronado can help you save money, and gain protection from power outages. Forme Solar is now installing solar panels in San Diego, which means that you can now enjoy years of clean and renewable energy. And by having an in-house service technicians and experts in solar and electrical systems, we will provide you a solar energy system that is guaranteed to last for years.

Rising SDG&E Electricity Prices Impacting Coronado

Over the last few years, the electricity rates from SDG&E (San Diego Gas and Electric) have risen steadily. To the extent that electricity prices have more than doubled in the last 10 years. SDG&E is currently on a 3-tiered system that charges residents based on how much electricity was used over a certain baseline threshold. Plus, in the near future, all of California's primary utility companies will be transitioning to a TOU (Time-of-Use) billing plan. This means that the prices you were paying previously will only increase in the near future.

With the increasing electricity rates, and move to TOU billing, Coronado homeowners are perfectly positioned to utilize the benefits of solar energy.

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Solar panels on your roof can help hotels, stores and homes in Coronado achieve considerable savings. With the amount of sunlight exposure in San Diego, it makes financial sense to go solar. Going solar will help lock-in your current electric rates while providing you a savings at the same time.

Installing Solar Panels is a Great Choice for Coronado

California is serious about supporting its homeowners to take advantage of the growing solar movement. California offers various tax credits and incentives to make it easier for homeowners in Coronado to go solar. With the amount of sunshine and soon to expire Federal Solar Tax Credit, going solar in Coronado has never made more sense.

  • San Diego ranked number #2 in the nation in terms of solar energy installed per capita.

  • In 2017, the total GHG emissions in the City of San Diego was approximately 10.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide!
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San Diego is a leader in solar energy adoption, and Coronado is no exception. The support for solar energy to help reduce carbon emissions from both the state and local levels are rising, so you can trust that Coronado is a great city for going solar. With the cost of electricity from SDG&E more than doubling in the last 10 years due to the continuously going up rate hikes, going solar has never made more sense.

Solar Energy Can Improve Tourism and Drive Savings

Whether you own your home or tourism related business, there are numerous benefits you could receive from installing solar panels on your Coronado roof. If you do decide to install solar panels through either a lease or purchase, you can rest easy knowing that you went with Forme Solar. We provide the most dependable solar energy systems that fits in your budget and energy needs to assure that you get the best solar advantages possible. Also, with California's Net Energy Metering (NEM) billing plan, you will receive electricity bill credits for the excess power you generate. Giving more control over your home's electricity and the price you pay for it.

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"Imagine if SDG&E offered a 20 year, 30% discount on your electric bill would you take it? If you want to save money on your monthly energy bills, going solar is the best way to do that. "

Nick Duong, CXO of Forme Solar

Lock in the Rate You Pay for SDG&E Electricity Costs

One of the best benefits of installing solar panels on your roof in Coronado is the ability to lock in the rate you pay for power. Utility companies like SDG&E are constantly increasing their rates and your electricity bill keeps getting more expensive every year. By going solar, you lock in the rate you pay for electricity from your energy system for decades. Plus, with SDG&E switching homeowners to Time-of-Use (TOU), making the rates you pay to purchase energy at night extremely expensive, you can install a solar battery in your home to provide power during peak rate times.

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Make Money - Income Generation with Solar

Installing solar panels in Coronado offers numberous energy incentives to encourage homeowners and businesses to adopt a solar energy solution. If you switch to generating your own power, the local utility companies will pay you off for the clean energy generated by the solar panel. This will either be through credits or direct cash. With the shift towards TOU, when SDG&E decides to start charging outrageous rates for the energy you consume at night, a solar battery can help provide power during those peak rate times. Allowing you to purchase energy at the cheapest times, and using your solar panel charged solar battery in the evenings. If your solar battery is adequately sized, you can also sell your excess energy back at higher rate prices to truly maximize your returns.

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Increase Your Property Value & Make it Easier to Sell

According to Zillow in November 2019, the median listing price of a home in Coronado is $1,771,900. By installing solar on your home, NREL has found that your home will not only sell faster the price will increase as well. Research has shown that by installing solar panels, homes saw an increase of 3.74% of the average sale price. For homes with solar, their median sale price in Coronado would increase from $1,771,900 to $1,838,169, an increase of $22,520! Wouldn't you pay more for a home that came with less operating costs?

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Sell Your Home Faster with Solar Panels

NREL has found that by installing solar panels on your home, not only will your property value increase, but homes with solar sold an average of 20% faster. Just like the amount of value that solar panels can add to your home, the amount of impact that your solar energy provides when selling your home depends on how environmentally conscious your neigbhbors are. With the amount of tourism that Coronado receives, ensuring that the city is clean and vibrant are strong considerations for most of your local neighbors. Therefore, as a homeowner in Coronado, solar should help you sell your home faster and increase it's value.

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Does solar keep the power on during a power outages?

NO! A home with solar panels will not keep the electricity on unless it is properly set up and equipped to do so. Even with a solar energy system, your power will be interrupted for the safety of the repair crews working on restoring power to you and your neighbors. To power your home or business when the electricity goes out, a solar energy system needs a special type of inverter that allows select circuits in your home to be powered while the sun is shining. By adding a solar battery, you now have the ability to power your home with the electricity generated from solar even when the sun isn't shining. By adding a solar battery to your home is a wonderful long term solution for Coronado because of the long term outages that are expected to impact California for the next 10 years!

Protecting Coronado From Outages & Price Increases

With the shift towards Time-of-Use (TOU) by California’s major utility companies like SDG&E it makes the effectiveness of a solar energy system less impactful. TOU falls between the hours that your solar energy system stops producing electricity, and when you're home to consume most of your energy. So homeowners between the hours of 4PM - 9PM may see electricity charges as high as .57 cents per kilowatt-hour (Kwh) for some ratepayers. Homeowners with solar, are paid at a much lower rate for the electricity that their solar energy produces during the day. During the daylight hours, California utility companies may pay as little as 24 cents ($.24) per Kwh. By adding a solar battery solution, you can store the electricity generated during the day and consume it at night. Read more about our Solar Battery solutions.

Paying for Solar Panels Installation and Battery Storage

Current Solar Incentives for Coronado Homes & Businesses

Reduce Your Solar Panel Costs with the 26% Investment Tax Credit

The ITC (Investment Tax Credit), more commonly know as the Federal Solar Tax Credit is a credit equal to 26% of the total qualified system costs of installing a solar energy system in 2020. The Federal Solar Tax credit was established as a part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, with the purpose of expanding the renewable energy market in America. This tax credit will drop to 22%, starting in 2021 and continue to fall. Even if you don't have enough tax liability to claim the full amount in a single year, you have up to three years to claim the total amount of the Federal tax liability.

Incentive to support backup energy systems (SGIP)

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is incentivizing businesses and homeowners in Coronado with the hope of installing more solar-plus-storage systems in communications that are prone to wildfires and power outages. Those who quyalify for the residential equity Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) incentive will receive a rebate of $.85 per watt-hour of energy storage installed.

Financing Solar Panel Installation Costs in Coronado

Even with the solar tax credit, one of the biggest obstacles for most home and business owners is how they are going to pay for it. As the cost of solar panel manufacturing has dropped, financing accessibility and options have dramatically increased as well. In California, the vast majority of qualified homeowners going solar, never paying upfront to have solar installed. Therefore, it is critical to understand how different financing options from cash, financing, to a solar lease known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) can impact the overall price and features of your solar energy system.

Forme Solar's Mission to Improve San Diego

"Our mission is to educate individuals about the benefits of residential and commercial solar energy systems and significantly increase the speed of solar and battery adoption."

Leanne Kim (CEO of Forme Solar)

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