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Not all Solar Warranties are the Same!

Your solar energy system wasn't cheap. And if your solar panel system stops turning on one day, or a large branch breaks and shatters a panel, or your solar energy system's efficiency drops suddenly, getting it repaired probably won't be cheap either. That is why your solar panel warranty should play a factor in the overall cost of your system, and which solar installer you use.

Warranties and guarantees are only as good as the company that is willing to honor them. When it comes to your solar PV system and roof, homeowners want to work with a reputable installer and equipment. Every Forme Solar, Solar energy system comes with a certain stretch of Forme warranty services and phone/chat support for free, typically a 7 year roof penetration warranty.

Pick from multiple solar warranty options to ensure that you maximize your savings and protect your solar panel system investment for years to come.

Get the Solar Warranty Option that Matches Your Needs

You Have Options! Choose from Multiple Solar Warranty Options

Forme customers can enjoy the confidence behind a best-in-class industry warranty for solar installations, and solar equipment. Plus, YOU can have the control to see if you even wish to purchase certain warranties. Just like how some customers don't always AppleCare for their Apple products, we understand that customers like having options. Especially if that can maximize your initial ROI. Work with Forme to maximize your savings.

Best-in-Class Equipment Warranties

Product Warranty

Performance Warranty

Labor Warranty

Microinverter Warranty

25 Years
Forme Solar Warranties




25 Years
Always Included

Forme Guarantee

Roof Penetration

Guaranteed for any roof issues

25 Years
Always Included

Forme Guarantee

Transfer Guarantee

Guaranteed that your warranty will transfer.


Solar Power System Warranty 101

What is a solar panel warranty?

A solar panel has two warranties, a performance and equipment guarantee. A solar panel's performance warranty will typically guarantee 90% production at year 1 and 80% at 25 years. An equipment warranty will range from 25 years to 10 years without failing. When evaluating a solar panel warranty and it's manufacturer the two most important parts are understanding what your warranty can help prevent.

Consumer's Guide to Solar Panel Warranties

Solar 101: Solar Warranty Types

Equipment Warranties
Solar 101 Tip: Also referred to as Parts or Product Guarantee

Solar PV systems if installed properly will last for a considerable amount of time. They were built to last. But like all things, parts can fail and in that event, it is important to know what you will and won’t be covered for. In that event of an equipment issue, the solar equipment manufacturer will ship you the spare replacement parts, and cover for the labor. 

Performance Warranties
Solar 101 Tip: Also referred to as a Performance Guarantee

A more encompassing warranty since it guarantees that your PV system will perform to a specified level, The amount of electricity that a solar panel produces declines over time, especially in the first three years. This is true for all solar panels, regardless of the brand. Performance Warranties alleviate concerns about performance dedgradation, since the performance is guaranteed for years-and-years.  They will not only fix the system issue but also compensate you if your solar PV system does not meet the production originally agreed upon. 

Who to Contact - When

Equipment Issue - Manufacturer

Performance Issues - Installer

Forme Solar Full-Coverage

Our customers go with us because we have our own in-house service technicians to help even after installation. Contact us directly for any questions on your warranty.

Take Advantage of Your Solar Warranty

Steps to Maximize Your Solar Warranty

Store Documents Safely

Keep your product warranty documents and contract in a safe place for future reference.

Know the Numbers

Monitor and check to ensure that your system is performing to to expected levels.

Who to Contact

If still under warranty and your system is having issues, start by contacting your installer

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Partnered with Leading Solar Companies

Working with leading solar panel manufacturers and installers can help make sure that if any issues were to arise, you would be completely covered from parts to labor.

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As the established broker of renewable energy for both residential and commercial solars. Forme Solar works with the best manufacturers and installers to ensure that in the unlikely event that your solar panel system does not run properly, you are covered with the best warranties. If you'd like to further maximize your savings, have the option to. pick a shorter guarantee package. Why pay more when you don't have to?

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