Learn how to reset your solar panel system with this comprehensive Solar DIY guide.
Learn how to reset your solar panel system with this comprehensive Solar DIY guide.

DIY Solar Repair

Guide to DIY Solar Repair for a homeowner. Where to start?

Solar Repair - Reset Your Solar Panel System

Let’s say you are reading through your mail, and you see an electricity bill from Southern California Edison (SCE) for $300 despite the fact you have solar. Have you ever thought about what you would do in this kind of situation? 

Your solar energy system is your home’s unsung hero. It has quickly become one of your home’s most essential things, yet often disregarded since it typically just works as expected, and most people don’t involve themselves in regular solar maintenance. Just like your internet modem, if your solar panel system isn’t performing as intended, the first way to troubleshoot your solar energy system is to perform a hard reset of your solar energy system. 

How to Perform a Hard Reset of your Solar Energy System

The first step to diagnosing an issue with your solar energy system is to complete a hard reset. A hard reset is like rebooting your computer and is usually fixing your inverter if it is showing a yellow or red light. 

Step 1: Turn off your solar inverter

Locate your solar inverter. Depending on what kind of inverter you have, you may be able to skip this step. Your solar inverter is typically a large box near the main electrical service panel along an exterior wall or inside the garage. After identifying your solar inverter, find the AC/DC toggle switch and power down your inverter.

Pro Tip: Solar energy systems with microinverters can skip this step. 

Step 2: Turn off your Solar AC disconnect

Near your solar inverter, there should be a gray disconnect box. It typically has a black or red handle. Move the lever to the “off” position. Be prepared; it may make a loud popping sound. 

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Solar Inverter and AC Disconnect with a Black Handle

Step 4: Turn Off Solar Breaker in the Main Electrical Panel 

Find your main electrical panel. Inside there should be a breaker dedicated to solar. It will be labeled “Photovolatic,” “Solar PV,” or “Solar System.” Flip that set of breakers to the “Off” position. 

Step 5: Wait a minute, the Solar Energy System is Now Off

You have now completely turned off your solar energy system. After waiting at least a minute, you will want to turn your solar system back on to see if that fixed the issue. To do this, you will need to complete the steps in reverse order. 

Step 6: Turn On Solar Breaker in the Main Electrical Panel

Flip the set of breakers dedicated to your solar power system to the “On” position.  

Step 7: Turn on your Solar AC Disconnect 

Next, go back to your AC disconnect box and find the black or red lever. It should be in the “Off” position. Move the lever to the “On” position. Please note, it may make a loud popping sound. 

Step 9: Turn on your Solar Inverter

Locate your solar inverter and lift open the bottom panel. Find the AC/DC toggle switch and power on your solar inverter system.

Call the Solar Experts when DIY Solar Repair Doesn't Work

We always recommend that you first contact the solar company that installed your solar energy system. When your solar company is no longer in business or is too busy and can’t get a technician out for months, have the number of a reliable, experienced solar company on hand when easy DIY solutions just won’t cut it. 

At Forme Solar Electric, we deliver prompt electrical service with a local team and respectful technicians.

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