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Why Choose a Certified REC Certified Pro to install Solar Panels?

The biggest question mark for most homeowners when evaluating solar panels is how reputable the company is behind their warranty. Feel confident that your 25-Year REC warranty was installed by a brand you can trust.

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What's Included with Every Forme Solar Install

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Why You Should Choose an REC Solar System

REC Alpha High Quality Solar Panels

REc solar panels are one of the highest quality solar panels on the market. This is further supported by their low rate of solar panel failure claim rate.

Out of 4,000,000 solar panels manufactured on a year basis, less than 400 return to REC from the field.

With one of the industry's best warranty terms, REC solar panels are a premium product with power output warranties.

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REC is one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturing companies and as a REC Solar certified partner company. Making it easy for our customers to make it easy to produce cost affordable, renewable energy for your home or business by maximizing your cost savings.

The return on the investment of your solar energy system depends on the quality and efficiency of the parts that make up your solar energy system, like your solar panels. Your solar panels are one of the most critical components, and there is a good reason why we are one of the leading solar company partners to REC Solar.

25 Year REC ProTrust Warranty

Product, Performance and Labor

REC ProTrust is the most comprehensive warranty REC has ever provided. Get peace-of-mind knowing that you have a system that is warrantied for 25 years. REC PRoTrust warranties are exclusive to REC Certified Solar Professionals and covers product, performance, and labor.

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Our Difference

We specialize in permit and home conditions that are local to our community.

25 Year ProTrust Warranty Installed by a Certified REC Pro

Forme Solar has developed an elite reputation that is known as a Certified REC Solar Professional. We are local installers that are specifically trained to install REC solar energy systems. Just as confident REC is in their warranties, they are also work with the best local solar companies like Forme Solar to ensure you best offset your expensive electricity costs.

We can help provide an incredible solar installation experience particularly if you're interested in a REC energy system. From the REC Alpha solar panels to the REC N-Peak line, we are experts at providing a quality install. With our experience both repairing and installing REC energy systems, we know the technology extremely well. As a REC certified partner, we take a solar battery first approach, offering energy-as-a-service backup solutions.

With our access to REC solar panels our skilled solar technicians will ensure that your solar energy system continues to produce efficiency for your residential or commercial buildings.

REC Certified Solar Professional Installer

Expect a premium system.

We handle premium equipment and premium homes.

Get the best solar panels at a great price. As an REC PRO we pass along our savings to you!

Be confident that your REC system is being installed by the best trained solar installers.

Forme Solar a Leading REC Certified Partner
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As hard as it is to decide on the type of solar panels, it can be even more difficult to search for the right solar installation company. As certified REC Solar Professionals we provide

Forme Solar's difference is that we have specialized in solar repair. This has allowed us to excel at service and ensure we don't make the same mistakes that 'fly-by-night' solar installation companies make. Our goal is to ensure that the project is complete and done right.

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