Temecula, Keeps on Flowing with Solar Energy Backup!

Solar Energy with Battery Backup Benefits Temecula

Temecula is one of the largest cities in Riverside, and has a reputation as one Southern California's premier tourist destinations. The persona in Temecula is similar to that of Solar Battery Storage, resilient. With a solar energy battery solution, your home or winery in Temecula can gain protection from power outages while saving you money.

Temecula is one of the best places to take advantage of the fast growing solar energy movement due to the amount of sunlight the city is exposed to annually.

With the recent power outages from Southern California Edison (SCE) that have impacted Temecula, there is no better way to protect your home from the recent power outages than with a solar energy system with a battery backup solution. With the steadily increasing electricity rate increases from SCE and high amount of exposure from the sun, homeowners in Temecula should go solar.

For Temecula, Solar Panels Generate Savings

Although there are numerous reasons to go solar, most homeowners make the switch after seeing the recent savings on their electricity bills. Solar energy for your home or business can help you save money by converting sunlight into usable energy that can power your household appliances.

Areas like Temecula will quickly see the benefits of going solar.

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With a solar energy system, you can not only achieve reliable savings on your electricity bills, but you can also greatly improve the value of your home or business. In a competitive real estate market, it could be the deciding factor as to why your home gets sold. Increase the value of your home, generate clean energy, and save money. There is no better reliable investment than solar energy.

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Temecula's Best Home Improvement? Solar Panels

Achieve more than just cost savings when going solar

With over 270 sunny days of weather in Temecula it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of the benefits of solar panels. Nobody questions whether solar cells can convert sunlight into electricity, the only debate is the overall cost in terms of time and money. But, your solar energy system is the BEST home efficiency upgrade that you can make! Not only can it increase the value of your home or commercial property, but it will also reduce your electricity costs and our carbon footprint.

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Solar panels come with a a great host of benefits for a home or business owner in Temecula. Have you looked at your electricity bill from SCE lately and compared it to one 10 years ago? Our electricity costs have more than doubled.

Solar Saves You Money

Adds Value to Your Home

Can Help You Sell Your Home Faster

Locks in the Rate you Pay for Electricity

How long do solar panels for a home in Temecula last?

Solar panels are built and installed to endure harsh and unpredictable weather conditions, even in situations with lots of snow, rain, and wind. Only in the most extreme cases like places with lots of hurricanes, solar panels may not hold up very well. But that could also be said for the condition of the home as a whole.

For most places with strong winds or harsh weather conditions, counties and cities will require a specific way to design and install the solar panels to accommodate for different wind uplift speeds. These speeds can range anywhere from 3-5 seconds at 130 MPH in areas like Upload, California and Rancho Cucamonga, California. CAD designers and Engineers will make be sure to take these factors into account as they do the load calculations for your home.

Solar panels are typically guaranteed to last for 25 years but can last for more than 40 years. Even after 25 years, your solar panels would still produce 75-80% of their original performance. Not only will your solar panels last for decades, but it will also continue to perform highly like a well maintained car.

Temecula is Eligible for Federal Solar Tax Credits

Homes and businesses in Temecula are eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), more commonly known as the Solar Tax Credit. If you aren't eligible for the ITC because you don't incur any tax liability as a retiree or student, considering a lease may match your goals even better. By adopting a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), homeowners will save on electricity costs by replacing your expensive electricity bill with a smaller one. Imagine if Southern California Edison (SCE) offered you a 20 year, 35% discount on your electricity costs, would you take it? Installing a solar energy system on your home or business is the best way to save money on your monthly electricity bills and increase the equity of your property.

Solar Tax Credit, 26% of the total qualified system costs of installing a solar power system in 2020.

Solar Tax Credit, 22% of the total qualified system costs of installing a solar power system in 2021.

Solar Tax Credit, 10% of the total qualified system costs of installing a solar power system in 2022.

The Solar Tax Credit incentive expires in 2023, effectively dropping to 0% for Temecula home owners.

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Calculating the Federal Solar Tax Credit is simple. Take the tax percentage for that year, and multiply it by the solar system installation cost. For instance, if your solar energy system costs $25,000 and is installed in 2022, your tax credit would be $25,000 x 10%= $2,500. If you install your solar energy system in 2020, for the same system, your tax credit would be $25,000 x 26%= $6,500. That means there is a $4,000 difference if you went solar in 2020 vs 2022 for the same system. Please check with your tax professional regarding the tax credit or rebate when purchasing your solar energy system.

Forme Solar is your local solar energy company, dedicated to providing long-lasting, high-quality solar power systems that last for years. We handle all types of solar panel projects, both commercial and residential. We provide end-to-end solar services, and are specialized in solar repair. Let us help you maximize the benefit that solar can provide for you. Browse our reviews to see what your friends and neighbors are saying about us.

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As the best local solar installation company serving Temecula, Forme Solar Electric is your one-call shop for a wide range of solar installation and solar repair needs. Our licensed electrical technicians are fully insured professionals who are highly skilled craftsmen who geek out on working with solar energy systems. We are known for the quality of our workmanship and professional reliability so you know the job will be done correctly.

We are incredibly proud of our team of highly trained, expert solar panel technicians who work with top-of-the line solar panel equipment from industry-leading brands like Sunrun, Panasonic, SunPower, Panasonic, SunPower, Tesla, LG and Hanwha Q Cells. With excellence being the passing, grade we ensure that we produce a great experience for all of our customers who go solar. We deliver solar panel energy services for homes and commercial properties of all types of roofs and sizes with results that last, along with our comprehensive 100% satisfaction guarantee. Browse our reviews to see what your friends and Temecula neighbors are saying about us. When you're ready to request a no-obligation FREE estimate, contact us to make sure that your service is done to YOUR standards and not ours.

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