Get Access to the Best Solar Companies to Maximize Savings

Certified as one of the Best Solar Companies in California. By developing partnerships with top Solar Companies in the United States can focus on providing a great solar installation experience, while passing along our wholesale cost on the equipment to you. Get access to wholesale pricing all major solar companies from Tesla, REC Solar, Enphase Energy, Q Cells, Panasonic, LG Solar and more!

Provide a quality solar installation utilizing the best solar equipment for our customers. We know that your home and goals are unique, by partnering with the best solar companies we can provide a personalized solar power system customized for you.

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Customer Focused Solar Installation + Access to the Best Solar Companies

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Solar Energy System Built from the Best Solar Companies

Get a solar energy system custom built for your needs.

We work with the best solar companies to help you maximize your savings!

We realized that was the best way for us to maximize the customer experience was to provide a solution that was uniquely built for them while enhancing the value they received from going solar. We wanted to solely focus on providing a great solar panel installation experience, while providing our customers access to the best solar equipment at the low wholesale costs. If you want the best solar panel installation experience at the lowest cost, request a quote. We provide solar installation quotes within 24 hours.

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Solar Installation Quotes within 24hrs

Maximize Savings with the Best Solar Panels and Inverters

Access the best solar equipment and combine it with a solar company that focuses on creating a great solar panel installation experience. You can maximize your savings while ensuring your solar installation is done right, the first time. Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or nonprofit, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. With a solar panel system, you’ll be able to harness free sun power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifecycle. By getting access to the best solar panels, inverters, and solar batteries you can get the best solution customized for your needs.

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Best Solar Companies

As a certified partner with solar companies like Q Cells, LG, Tesla, Panasonic, Enphase Energy, and REC. Forme Solar is proud to play an instrumental role in the global shift to renewable energy, one satisfied customer at a time.

Partnerships with Leading Solar Companies

As the established broker of renewable energy for both residential and commercial solar. We have developed numerous partnerships with top Suppliers, Installers, and Finance companies throughout the United States.

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We work with the best solar companies to lower your costs

We provide you a packaged all-in-one experience to maximize your savings and reduce the complexity of going solar. Let us take the hassle out of buying or leasing your Solar Energy or Energy Backup System. We pass along our wholesale solar equipment costs to our customers, to solely focus on providing a great solar panel installation experience.

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We pass along our wholesale solar equipment costs to our customers, to solely focus on providing a great solar panel installation experience.

Types of Solar Panel Companies

There are different types of solar companies, and it is important to know the distinction between the various types of companies around the solar industry. Knowing the difference between the different types of solar companies can save you time, money, and provide a better experience on your road to getting the best solar energy system for your home.

Forme Solar - Complete All-in-One Solar Energy Company

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Solar Equipment Companies

Solar Equipment Companies manufacture the various specialized components that make up a solar energy system. From the solar panels, solar inverter, solar battery, mounting, and rails. Most solar panel manufacturers do not provide solar panel installation services or financing services. Or typically subcontract the work to a local solar company.

  • Solar Panel Manufacturers that you may recognize are: First Solar, SunPower, Canadian Solar, LONGi Solar, and Hanwha QCELLS

  • Solar Inverter Manufacturers that you may recognize are: SMA America, SolarEdge, and Enphase

  • Solar Battery manufacturers that you may recognize are: Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem and Generac
Solar Finance Companies

With the high investment of your solar power system, it is important that you pick a solar company that you can trust and has access to the best financing. When you receive a solar quote it is important to know the total cost of the solar energy system including financing. By partnering with leading solar financing companies, our customers can take advantage substantial savings on the financing of their solar energy system purchase.

Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) Companies

Some solar companies want to take advantage of the benefits of solar by borrowing the space on a homeowner's roof. A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) company like Sunrun or Sunpower owns the solar panels, but they receive a monthly payment from the homeowner. In exchange, the homeowner receives all of the energy that the solar panel system generated. Resulting in a typical savings of 30% - 50% on their electricity bill, all without the headache that comes with owning the system. Similar to a car lease, you can pay $0 down and take advantage of all of the benefits that come with car ownership without truly owning the car.