10 reasons secretly love solar panels

10 Rarely Mentioned Reasons to Love Solar

The primary benefits of a solar energy system are relatively commonly known. The primary reason that most individuals go solar is for the financial benefits, tax breaks, reducing carbon emissions, and improving resiliency. All of which are great reasons to adopt solar for your home. However, many less commonly known benefits can be the deciding factor for many homeowners to go solar. Continue reading to discover these additional reasons why adopting solar may make sense for your situation. 

10 Hidden Reasons to Love Solar

1. Lower Electricity Rate Escalations

The more solar energy that gets connected to the electrical grid, the less we will have to worry about paying higher monthly electricity rates. Getting solar panels for your home will also mean that you are less dependent on electricity rate escalation. By reducing the strain on the electrical grid, solar energy has helped both homeowners with and without solar keep rate hikes at bay.

Solar panels generate the most electricity when the grid is under the most strain, during the summer with lots of sunlight. Summertime is a fantastic time to go solar because of the use of air conditioners. This is also the time when utilities seem to cost more, from when you pay at the pump to your electricity bills.

2. Provides Local Jobs for the Service and Energy Industry

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The adoption of solar energy means that more jobs will be needed to be filled to meet the growing demand for renewable energy. Leading to more jobs for American workers and more businesses and investments coming to fruition. From the labor needed to do the solar panel installation to improve the solar cell technology. 

Plus, best of all, if you support a local solar company near you, you can help promote American jobs near you. 

3. Benefits the Local Community

Communities and local governments sometimes treat sustainable businesses differently. The act of adding a solar panel system to your home and business can make a significant impact on the community. Businesses that can develop their product while taking nothing away from the plant is an incredible feat. Carports can add to shade, making it easier for local community members to gain relief from the scorching sun. Some carports even come with community Electric Vehicle Charging stations, making it convenient to charge your EV away from home. 

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4. Prepares for the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Auto manufacturers are shifting their production of cars from carbon fuel-based vehicles to electric vehicles (EV). This means that the gas stations we see today will be replaced off by EV charging stations. Solar energy will be a critical component to ensuring that those charging stations will have the electricity needed to charge these vehicles. This shift towards EVs will mean that we are shifting away from using fossil fuels to solar power systems. 

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5. Generate Your Own Electricity 

Do you hate having limited options? Typically when you consume electricity, your utility provider is the only option for your neighborhood. Like your internet provider, there usually aren’t many options and the costs keep going up. With solar energy, you finally have another option that is better for our environment and more dependable. 

6. Low Profile with No Light or Noise Pollution

Solar energy is a fantastic resource to use because they produce no light or noise pollution. They look subtle and have a low profile. Compared to natural gas, wind energy, nuclear energy, coal power plants, solar energy will not impact nocturnal creatures because it creates no light pollution. Plus, the cost of solar is now a cheaper form of new electricity vs. fossil fuels. Lower cost of energy, while providing clean energy production. 

Furthermore, photovoltaic solar panels do not generate any noise when running, making them a fantastic option for discrete energy. The only requirement is having enough surface area to capture a lot of sunlight. This is what makes having solar energy such a fantastic low-profile option. 

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7. Provides an Ecosystem for Plants and Animals

Large-scale solar farms use acres of land to generate large amounts of electricity. These utility-scale solar farms are typically required to be used as a natural habitat for wildlife. This land is used to plant wildflowers and pollinators. The low need for maintenance, and low impact on its surroundings, can facilitate a harmonious environment.

8. Solar Improves the Resiliency of Our Grid

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The more distributed assets that are connected to the grid, the more resilient our communities and nation become. Solar energy helps alleviate the pressure on the grid, and helps minimize the number of unplanned power outages. This is a true paradigm shift as we move away from the centralized power generation of the past to many, smaller generating facilities across the grid. The improvement in solar panel efficiency due to the latest technology for solar cells has increased the size of the average solar system being installed. Allowing us to convert more sunlight into electricity in the same amount of space. 

9. Minimizes Operations and Maintenance Costs for Power Production

Solar panels have a lower cost of maintenance than traditional energy sources. Coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy require substantial costs to operate, transport, and maintain. With solar panels, depending on the climate and location, there may be no yearly maintenance costs. This is a fantastic benefit because Operations and Maintenance (O&M) typically make up a large portion of a utility company’s budget. This allows solar energy to be a tremendous long-term benefit for any home or business. 

10. Rooftop Solar Panels Protect Your Roof 

Rooftop solar is the best place to install solar panels if you are looking to get the lowest solar panel costs possible. But beyond the lower cost of solar, there are additional benefits of rooftop solar. Solar panels are your roof will extend the life of your asphalt shingle and other similar roof types. This is because the solar panels act as a shield to block the harmful UV rays from the sun. They also reduce the temperature of your roof, which can help reduce the need to turn on your air conditioning. 

These ancillary benefits and the primary benefits of going solar are the keys to understanding the full advantage of solar energy. We have seen that these benefits exist across utility-scale, business, or home. The impact of solar energy goes far beyond lowering your electricity bills or promoting sustainability. 

The impact of grid-tied solar goes far beyond lowering your electricity bills, tax credits, or reducing your carbon footprint. They improve the local economy, wildlife habitat and benefit the grid in undervalued ways. The more solar that becomes connected to the grid, the more resilient our communities will be. If you are considering solar for your home or business, you will make an undeniable impact by going solar. Give us a call for a free consultation to see if solar is right for you! Call (714) 694-2262 or request a FREE Online Solar Analysis today!