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what is a 400w panel
What is a 400W Solar Panel? The majority of solar panels commonly put on houses or businesses today ranges from 250 to 365 watts per panel, while solar panels with capacities higher and lower than that are also available. Solar cell technological improvements have enabled the expansion in solar panel size. However, the development of […]

how much energy is produced by solar
How Much Energy is produced by Home Solar Panels? When evaluating solar panel alternatives, power output, or wattage, is a critical component to consider. You could hear your solar installer remark, “it’s a 255 Watt panel” or “the panel I’m suggesting has a solar panel wattage of 300.” You might also see figures like 245W, […]

solar panels for EV charging
Solar Panels to Charge Electric Car If you own an electric vehicle (EV) or want to get one, there’s a strong chance you’ll consider putting an EV charging station in your house. Home charging connectors allow EV owners to charge their vehicles without having to search for a public charging station. Because there aren’t as […]

install solar panels metal roof
Can you Install Solar Panels on Metal Roof? While solar energy has become more cost-effective and an exciting sustainable, renewable energy source as time passes, we can’t blame the general population for being reluctant or wanting to guarantee they can support them before investing totally in this new household or business investment. One of the […]

tesla powerwall solar battery storage home
Tesla Powerwall – Home Battery If you own a solar panel, a battery storage system such as the Tesla Powerwall 2 can help you make the most of the power generated by your system. The Tesla Powerwall reduces the amount of power your home requires from the grid, allowing it to become more self-sufficient. By […]

best solar brands
Best Solar Brands? There is a wide range of solar panels on the market right now – in fact, there are more than a hundred unique brands of solar panels and other solar equipment on the market at any particular time. Competition is huge in any industry, but it can sometimes be too much of […]

solar panels blue why
Why are Some Solar Panels Blue? The color of a solar panel comes from the way sunlight interacts with two different types of solar panels: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The color of monocrystalline is blue, while the color of polycrystalline is brown. In this post, we will look at what the color of a solar panel […]

can you add solar to existing system
Can You Add Solar Panels To An Existing System? You’ve already reduced (or maybe eliminated) your electricity bill if you’ve gone solar. However, you may wish to add more solar panels to your existing system; your solar panel system may have been undersized, to begin with, or your power demand may have grown after installation […]

why ev cars don't have solar panels
Why don’t electric cars have solar panels Every year, an increasing number of people in the United States acquire electric automobiles. While electric vehicles may be charged at home or at a variety of charging stations, many people are perplexed as to why these vehicles lack solar panels. Installing solar panels on residences makes sense, […]

best roofing guide
Best Solar Roofing Guide With high carbon footprints and increasing temperatures, environmental concerns have been higher than ever. Everybody is actually doing what they can to preferably use more efficient and consistent energy sources to emit less pollution. In all likelihood, the roofing industry is no exception. To obtain energy efficiency, whether for residential or […]

oc solar guide small square
Orange County Solar Guide Orange County (OC) solar panels have gained in popularity because of some significant catalysts. With the cost of solar installations getting lower and as demand for power increases, homeowners are making the smart move of going solar. Take advantage of the low prices, utility rebates, and federal incentives and help promote […]

how wind impacts solar panels
How Wind Affects Solar Panels? Solar panels are an unavoidable roof addition to install in order to save money on power and help the environment. Panels are now so sophisticated in technology that they may be nearly imperceptible or become a one-of-a-kind addition to your roofing system. Because of all the great experiences, an increasing […]

solar panels work when you lose power
Do Solar Panels Work When You Lose Power? So you’ve got some gleaming solar panels on your roof and you’re generating a lot of your own power. Your electricity bills are almost gone, and you’re feeling like an environmental hero. Then, one windy night, a storm knocks down a massive tree in your neighborhood, knocking […]

8 kwh solar system cost
8 kW Solar System Cost An 8-kilowatt (kW) solar energy system is the optimal size for many homeowners who wish to install solar panels on their roofs in order to drastically cut power expenses. When you compare your offers with the rates that other solar buyers in your region see, you can easily get the […]

solar panels on cloudy days
Solar Panels on Cloudy Days Over the last decade, solar panels have taken the globe by storm, and their popularity does not appear to be waning anytime soon. Solar installations surpassed 2 million in 2019 and are predicted to more than double by 2023. Despite the fact that these systems aren’t new, many individuals still […]

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