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Orange County Solar Production Monitoring


Monitor the Energy Production of Solar Panels in Orange County

Track the performance of your solar energy system to ensure that it is running as intended. All of our solar panel installations come with FREE solar production monitoring. Get access to:

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Cloud-Based (Access it online)
  • Monitor System Health
  • Track System Performance
  • Individual Panel Level Tracking

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The Best Solar Panel Monitoring System in OC

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Real-Time Data

Solar can save up to 75% on your business utility costs. Lower operating costs and free up capital for other business investments.

Panel Level Tracking

Reduce your electric consumption with the utility company through a solar purchase or lock-in low electricity rates

Monitor System Health

Your business needs energy to run, we can design a solution to include energy storage batteries to ensure your business doesn't stop running.


By encouraging energy efficient buildings we can promote healthier, more productive places that reduce stress on the environment.

Steps to Start Tracking Solar System Performance

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Step 1: Solar Panel and Inverter Installation

Forme Solar ensures that your solar energy system is built correctly and safely.

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Step 2: Forme Sets Up System Configuration

Forme Solar turns the system on and configures your solar monitoring platform, MyEnlighten.

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Step 3: Start Tracking System Health

Get access to start tracking in real-time, in depth views of your system's production and energy consumption.


Learn more about how you can track your solar energy system's performance for FREE!


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Why Solar Saves on Costs in Orange County

For Homeowners in Orange County, Solar is a No Brainer!

Lower Carbon Footprint

Most of the electricity generated in Anaheim comes from fossil fuels like coal and

natural gas. Using fossil fuels is costly and dangerous to the environment. By contrast, solar energy is free and readily available! If we could get all of

the sun's energy gleaming on the Earth for just 60 minutes, we could power the whole world for one year!

Save More Money

Imagine if Southern California Edison offered you a 20 year 30% discount on your electric bill, would you take it? If you want to save money on your monthly energy bills, going solar is the best way to do that. You can either dedicate that proceeds to another part of your monthly budget or you can put it aside or use those savings down the road for a more significant purchase.

Add Value to Your Home

Prospective solar customers have valid concerns that range from the effect on their home value, finances, to how it impacts the resale value of their house. Research has shown that by going solar, not only will your home sell for more, it will typically sell faster as well. Homes with a solar PV system saw an increase of 3.74% of the average sale price.

Combine These Benefits With the Power to Now to Monitor Your System's Health in Real-time!

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