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Go Solar San Diego - Lead the Charge!

Increase the value of your home while saving money!

Forme Solar is an established solar company serving both residential and commercial buildings in San Diego. Ensuring that you find the solution that best matches your needs, at the most competitive price possible.

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San Diego's Leading Solar Installer

We Make Going Solar Easy

Having developed numerous partnerships with top Suppliers, Installers, and Finance companies throughout the United States, our customers have access to top quality, professionally installed equipment at highly competitive rates. By leaving system design and installation to industry veterans, Forme Solar focuses solely on delivering an unmatched customer experience.

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Turn Sunlight into Savings!

Industry Leading End-to-End Warranties

25-Year Solar Panel Warranty

25-Year Solar Inverter Warranty

25-Year Solar Racking Warranty

25-Year Performance Warranty

25-Year Equipment Warranty

25-Year Workmanship Guarantee

We'll do all the work, so you can sit back and enjoy your savings.

Premium Equipment Options

In-House Service Technicians

Complete All-in-One Solar Packages

Straight-Forward Process, Low Solar Panel Costs

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Fast Energy Cost Consultation

Typically takes less than 15 minutes! All we need is your address, electricity usage.

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Personalized Solar Packages & Designs

We ensure that your solar energy system is built correctly and safely to meet your electricity goals.

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Solar Panel Installation

Minimal disruption. On average, our rooftop solar installation service is typically completed in one day!


Improve the value of your home while adding to your bottom line.


#1 Solar Broker


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