Chino is a Great Place to Benefit From Solar Energy

As the heart of San Bernardino, Chino is one of the best places to put solar panels on your roof. The amount of electricity solar can generate is based on the total amount of sunlight hours. In places with high electricity costs like Chino, solar panels can produce enough electricity to substantially reduce your electricity costs.

Forme Solar Electric is now installing solar panels in Chino and surrounding areas. Which means that you can now enjoy years of clean and renewable energy. And by having an in-house service technicians and experts in solar and electrical systems, we will provide you a solar panel installation that is guaranteed to last for years.

Rising Southern California Edison Costs

Over the last few years, Chino have seen a steadily increasing electricity bill from Southern California Edison (SCE). For homes and businesses in Chino, they have been experiencing more than a 4% increase year-over-year increases in their electricity rates over the last 10 years. The recent shift towards Time-of-Use (TOU) will also have a substantial impact on how much you're paying for electricity. Electricity usage in Time-of-use will be classified into a 3-tier system with your electricity costs being as high as $.43/kwh. For Southern California Edison customers who reach Tier 3, it can have a significant impact on your electric bill. With how large the typical home in Chino is, that means it is even easier for you to above the baseline allocation limits. Making the shift towards TOU especially expensive for homes and businesses in Chino, California.

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Increasing Electricity Usage for a Household in California

If you are thinking about adding solar panels to your home or business in Chino, the financial benefit is there. With the consistently increasing electricity prices that have more than doubled in the last 10 years, going solar will help lock-in your current energy costs while providing you a savings. By installing solar panels, you can negate the increasing cost of electricity and see a 30-50% savings on your electricity costs immediately.

Solar Panels for Homes in Chino Makes Sense

Solar Panel Installation for Homes in Chino

California offers different tax credits and incentives to make it easier for homeowners like you to go solar, and Chino is one of the best cities in California for installing solar. If you want to know what exactly the state is doing, speak with your Forme Solar Electric technician. We have helped other Chino residents experience the benefits of solar panels at an affordable price, and we would be happy to help you as well. There has never been a better time to for a homeowner in San Bernardino to go solar than now. With the cost of electricity from Southern California Edison going up by an average of over 4% year-over-year for the last 10 years, going solar has never made more sense. With the support for solar solutions from the city to help reduce carbon emissions, going solar in Chino is a fantastic choice to help save money and improve the environment.

How Homeowners in Chino Can Go Solar

Whether you own your residential property or you run a specific business, there are a lot of benefits you could get from installing solar panels on your roof in San Bernardino. Regardless if you decide to install solar panels through either a lease or purchase, you can rest easy going with Forme Solar Electric. We will give you the most dependable solar panel solution that would fit in your budget and energy needs to assure that you get the most solar advantages possible. Also, with California's Net Energy Metering (NEM) billing plan, you will receive bill credits for the excess energy you generate. Giving you more control over your home's electricity and the price you pay for it.

" If you want to save money on your monthly energy bills, going solar is the best way to do that. Imagine if SCE offered a 30% discount for 20 years, would you take it?"

Leanne Kim, CEO of Forme Solar Electric

Stop the Increasing SCE Electricity Costs

One of the best benefits of installing solar panels on your roof in Chino is the significant amount of savings homeowners in San Bernardino see on their SCE electricity bills. Imagine if SCE offered you a 20 year 30% discount on your electric bill, would you take it? You could drop your bill from $100/mo to $70/mo. If you want to save money on your monthly energy bills, going solar is the best way to do that. Regardless of how small or big the solar panel system you have, after installing solar panels on your rooftop, you will see savings on the cost of your electricity bill.

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Income Generation - Make Money with Solar

Installing solar panels in San Bernardino offers specific energy incentives designed to encourage lots of homeowners in the place of adopting the system. If you qualify for those incentives, the local utility companies will pay you off for the clean energy generated by the solar panel. This will either be through credits or direct cash.

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Increase the Resale Value of your Home

Let's say the average home sold price in Chino is $700,000. Studies have shown that by installing solar panels, homes saw an increase of 3.74% of the average sale price. For homes with solar, their median sale price in Chino would increase from $700,000 to $726,180, an increase of $26,180! Wouldn't you pay more for a home that came with less operating costs? Talk about a home improvement that actually pays you back!

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Your Home in Chino will Sell Faster with Solar

By installing solar panels, you can guarantee that you will not only save on electricity costs, but also save the environment from harmful emissions from fossil-fuel based energy sources. As solar panels use renewable energy that comes from the sun, you can assure that it will not pollute the environment but rather give you a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family. Solar energy also decreases greenhouse gas emissions, which are the main reason for global warming, climate change, and weather changes. By going green you can help ensure the planet is a wonderful place for future generations to come.

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What if we generate more electricity than our home consumes?

homes with solar panels connecting to meter grid

For homes in Chino, if your solar energy system is designed, sized, and installed properly, your solar energy system should generate more power than your home consumes. When you install a solar energy system on your home, SCE will carry over the excess energy credits to offset future bills. Your billing cycle will go from 1-month to a 12-month billing cycle, to take under consideration the yearly sunlight exposure of your solar panel system. If there is a credit after a 12-month billing cycle, SCE customers can choose to be credited with a check or receive a bill credit. If you choose to receive a check, each remaining kWh of annual unused energy will be valued at an ACC rate around $.0442/kWh in payment.

Protecting SB Homes & Businesses From Outages

Battery Storage Can Provide Security from Power Outages

Even though you have a solar energy system, you won't be protected from power outages in the event SCE can't provide energy to your home. This is because your power will also be interrupted for the safety of the repair crews who may be working on the power outage. With a battery backup solution, homeowners can gain protection from blackouts, and gain independence from the grid.

Homes and businesses in Chino, looking to protect themselves against outages and blackouts, should consider a solar energy system with a battery backup solution.

Customized Roof Services for Solar in Chino

Roofing and Solar Installation Company in Chino

Solar panels are made to last for years, but the roof that your panels are placed on may not be. It is essential to make sure that your roof is ready for solar to ensure that your roof is both structurally sound enough, but also will last long enough so that you don't have to add unnecessary cost with a solar panel removal and reinstall.

Forme Solar Electric will ensure that your roof is structurally sound enough to support your solar panels for a minimum of 7 years. Whether you're looking for a new solar panel system or a new roof, we only use and partner with the best companies to ensure your home has the exceptional quality service and material it requires to last for years! Backed by Owens Corning roofing shingles, insulation, and composite materials, Forme Solar Electric stands by their roofing service and materials by offering our own 5 roof-penetration warranty.

Ensure your roof is custom-built or repaired for installing a solar panel system in a way that maximizes your savings.

Reduce Your Solar Panel Installation Cost

26% Investment Tax Credit For Homes who Go Solar in 2019

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Currently Available Solar Incentives for Homes in Chino

The Federal ITC (Investment Tax Credit), perhaps more commonly know as the Federal Solar Tax Credit is a credit equal to 30% of the total qualified system costs of installing a solar power system and starting in 2020, this tax credit will drop to 26%. 2020, marks the first decline in the Federal Solar Tax Credit, and the credit percentage will continue to fall until 2022, at which point the Federal Solar Tax Credit will expire for homes in Chino.

The total amount that you should expect from the Federal Solar Tax Credit can be calculated relatively easily. The tax credit amount is calculated by taking twenty-six (26) percent of the solar system installation cost. For instance, if your solar energy system costs $20,000 and is installed in 2019, your tax credit would be $20,000 x 26%= $5,200. 

Even if you don't have enough tax liability to claim the full amount in a single year, you have up to three years to claim the total amount of the tax liability. You have to keep in mind that the federal solar tax credit is nonrefundable and is only possible for the owner of the system. Therefore, homeowners that have a solar energy system through a Solar Lease or Power Purchase Agreement are not eligible for the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

Financing Solar Panel Installation Costs in Chino

Even with the solar tax credit, one of the biggest obstacles for most homeowners is how they are going to pay for the initial cost investment. As the cost of solar panel manufacturing has dropped, financing accessibility and options have dramatically increased as well. In California, the vast majority of qualified homeowners going solar, never paying upfront to have solar installed. Most homes that we have installed solar on in Chino have paid $0 down upfront, with a Solar Power Purchase Agreement in (Solar PPA). Therefore, it is critical to understand how different financing options from cash, financing, to a Solar PPA can factor into the overall price and features of your solar energy system.

Mission to Protect California from Power Outages

"Our mission is to educate individuals about the benefits of residential and commercial solar energy systems and significantly increase the speed of solar and battery adoption."

Leanne Kim (CEO of Forme Solar Electric)

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