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Controlled Power Outage Info for California Residents

Emergencies can happen at any time, not just during hot weather conditions. Keep your family safe by being prepared with advanced planning and some basic supplies. Whether an earthquake, wildfire, or a Preemptive Public Safety Power Outage, being prepared will help everyone stay safer during an electrical power outage. 

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These Controlled Power Outages will most impact those in high fire risk areas. There have been statewide efforts to mitigate the impact that natural disasters and fires have on our energy infrastructure. All Californians must be prepared in the event of a preemptive power outage. Sometimes the utility company will provide advance notice of a future power outage, but oftentimes it is unexpected. California wildfires in 2020 were the worst on record, with 5 (five) of the 6 (six) largest fires in the state’s history occurring last year. This means that the restoration time for the power to come back online could be extended in the future. 

Expect Unexpected Controlled Power Outages

Southern California Edison (SCE), Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP), San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) and other utilities will initiate a power shutoff during extreme weather conditions. The primary objective of the utility companies is to ensure that their equipment does not start a catastrophic wildfire due to high winds, extreme heat, earthquakes, etc. As a solar installation company, we understand that these power outages are painful and significantly impact California homes and businesses. Especially those in high fire risk areas have already been affected numerous times while working and learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nobody wants to be without air conditioning, lights, or internet during an extended power outage. We see statewide adoption of battery backup solutions because of the record number of power outages impacting California. 

What Are Utility Initiated Public Safety Power Shutoffs

If weather conditions indicate extreme fire danger or risk of equipment failure, utility companies will temporarily shut off power to some customers in the areas most at risk of wildfires. These conditions are present during strong winds, low humidity, and dry vegetation. They are essentially minimizing a fire threat to electric structures or public safety risk. 

What can You Do to Prepare for an Extended Power Outage?

When an emergency occurs, you could be without power for an extended period. Have an emergency plan in place for every member of your household, including pets. 

Keep necessities on hand. These include: 

  • Medical prescriptions
  • Canned Goods
  • Water 
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Supply of Essentials in an easy to access location

In addition, to be physically prepared, it is also essential to be mentally prepared with the correct information. One part of your preparation should include knowledge about your city or county’s emergency plans. In addition, if you have an electric gate or garage door, learn how to operate them manually. For example, if you are in a gated community, do you know how the electric gate will function and if you will be able to travel in and out of your community?

Southern California Edison Medical Baseline Residents

If you depend on electrically powered medical equipment, you should plan to have a backup power source. Southern California Edison provides eligible homeowners incentives to ensure that they can power their medical equipment even during an outage. Generators can help for a few hours, but there are dangers when you start hitting days without power. 

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Check to see your SCE’s Medical Baseline program and apply at sce.com/medicalbaseline.


Reliable Backup Power Supply Solutions

California is slowly moving away from being as reliant on the power grid. With solar energy, homeowners now have a cheaper source of power. With solar + battery backup storage, you now have a reliable power source that can be replenished with the sun. During extended power outages, having a reliable power supply can be critical. 

Latest on Forme Solar’s Power Outage Mitigation Efforts

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We are committed to reducing the impact of a preplanned power outage. By being one of the leaders in providing alternative power sources in California, we have helped thousands of homes and businesses with a more reliable power supply. We have installed over 200 kWh of Battery Backup Storage Systems all across California. With the recent increase in power outages and delayed restoration times, we have started to see more battery storage options than ever before. This has allowed us to better serve the most impacted areas by providing more options. This helps ensure that our customer’s homes and businesses are more resilient from any energy grid outages. 

Learn more at formesolar.com/get-quote

Prepare for Wildfire Season and Looming Power Outages

Safety Tips During a Power Outage

  1. Stay away from downed power lines. If you happen to see one regardless of an outage, be sure to call 911. 
  2. Power outages in the area may impact traffic signals, so motorists should use extreme caution and treat all intersections as four-way stops.
  3. Disconnect all sensitive electrics to prevent damage or data loss
  4. Check emergency supplies to ensure that you have a battery-operated radio, flashlight, fresh batteries, and a cell phone portable charger.
  5. Use a flashlight instead of candles to avoid potential fire hazards in your home or business.
  6. During high wind, secure any temporary structures in your backyard or business, including backyard furniture and tents as well as patio equipment and covers. 
  7. If you use a backup diesel generator, place it outdoors and plug individual appliances directly into it. Connecting generators to household circuits creates a “backfeed” which is dangerous to repair crews. 
  8. In case of any emergency, please follow the direction of local law enforcement and firefighters.

Looking for Ways to Reduce the Impact of Power Outages?

A solar battery storage system will provide consistent power to your home during the event of a blackout. As long as your solar battery is properly charged, you can power your home even when the sun isn’t shining, at a consistent throughput. This is why a solar battery makes more sense for most homeowners in California due to the potential for extended outages from the power grid.

With the benefits of solar batteries, and how the prices of solar panels have stabilized. Installing solar + battery on your home has never made more sense. Forme Solar can help you maximize your savings today and break free from the electrical grid!