Should I Wait to Go Solar?

It finally makes sense to go solar. The high cost of fossil fuel based electricity coupled with the improvements in solar technology and stabilized prices finally make adopting a solar PV system for your home a worthwhile investment. For the first time in history, you can see immediate savings with solar. There is no better time to go solar than today!

Why Nobody Had Good Experiences Installing Solar

Enter 2008: Nobody had ever installed solar before.

In 2008, once Solar technology became efficient enough to reliably generate enough power for the average homeowner to consume, it was game on. Suddenly players from all over the home improvement space began offering solar but nobody had installed solar before and they were met with challenges.

Technological Challenges around Going Solar

Equipment Efficiency

Solar equipment was expensive, heavy, and had way less output.

High True Up Bills

Design software was slow and inacurate, leading to high true-up bills.

Labor Challenges around Going Solar


Lack of the right skilled tradespeople to work on rooftops. Leaks! Leaks! Leaks!

Labor Challenges

Required a crew of 5-7 to install, and took a minimum of 3 days.

Regulatory Challenges around Going Solar

Permitting Challenges

Cities had no understanding of solar and could take months to approve a permit.

Utility and HOA Challenges

HOAs and utilities did their best to slow activations. HOAs declined solar installations 7 out of 10 times

Financing Challenges around Going Solar

Barriers to Financing

Very few banks were willing to provide financing. Over 700 credit was required.

High Down Payment

A minimum of 20% down payment was required before any solar project could begin.

From contract to system activation the average solar installation took 4-6 months!

Fast Forward

10 Years Later, the Solar Installation Process has Improved

The majority of residential solar installations, now take 3-4 weeks from contract to completion!

Solar Technology

Solar Equipment costs half as much as it did while being almost 3x more powerful

Solar design software is now over 90% accurate at forecasting your usage avoid a True-Up bill.

Greater Efficiency and Accuracy

Solar Experience

A crew of 3 can now install 2 systems a day

With many more experienced professionals in the field, installation teams now consist of one electrician, a roofer and installer.

Solar Specialization and Roof Leak Protection

Solar Regulation

Most cities now offer same-day over the counter permits for solar.

Utility companies can typically activate a system by phone and do not require a utility company inspection

HOAs have become very pro environment and rarely block solar installations. Even on condos!

Accommodating Solar Permits & Activation

Solar Financing

Major finance companies are working with people with credit of 600 or better.

Consumers don’t have to pay a dime before having a solar energy system installed on their home.

The federal government is still providing a tax credit towards the cost of a solar energy system.

Accessible Financing and More Options

Why Solar Now Makes Sense

For the first time in history, a solar energy system can provide immediate savings and increase your future savings as well. With better technology around solar panels and accessible solar financing, prices have stabilized and the experience has improved.

Solar Efficiency

Solar panels now produce almost 2x as much energy for the same sq ft.

Fossil Fuel Costs

Renewable energy became cheaper to produce than fossil-fuel based energy.

Easier Permitting

Cities and utilities have aligned well enough that installs take 30 days from contract vs 3 months.

Low to No Upfront Cost

90% of homeowners never pay upfront to have solar installed.

Predictable Bill

Utility rates have continued to rise while solar just keeps getting more affordable.

Price Stabilization

In the last 2 years, solar panel costs have only decreased ~2%.

Electrical Vehicle Revolution

Utility rates have continued to rise while solar just keeps getting more affordable.

Accessible Financing

More options around financing from lease to PPAs provide better access to going Solar.

Expiring Tax Credit

Utility rates have continued to rise while solar just keeps getting more affordable.

Solar Resources

How to be a smart shopper for your solar energy system

Design Matters

A well-designed system should be your primary goal.

Brands Name =/= Better Performance

It’s all about the numbers! The data sheet outlines the performance, as well as the performance guarantees.

Lowest Price =/= Best Deal

Keep your project costs in check by understanding what you are being charged for.