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solar panels vs solar shingles in 2024
Solar shingles appeal to those who find standard solar panels unappealing, increasing the overall visual appeal of solar PV systems for this demographic.

ev charging
EV charging technology is faster and more convenient than ever. It has shifted from the feasibility of charging at home to understanding your individual preferences and unique charging needs.

roll over unused solar tax credit
Rolling over your federal solar tax credit is an easy process. The solar tax credit is nonrefundable, so you must have tax liability in the year you use it...

home battery backup vs generators
Home Battery Backup Power doesn't make noise when operating. It doesn't release any form of pollution during a power loss, and circuits that rely on battery backup are quickly powered than using generators...

how solar cost and efficiency changed over time
Changes in solar panel cost and efficiency over time was explained by Richard Swanson. He stated that the price and...

how long can you run your house on a tesla powerwall
Your Tesla Powerwall can run depending on how much electricity your home regularly uses but it can store up to 14 kWh of power...

types of people that need solar in their lives
The 6 types of people that need solar energy · Homeowners · EV Owners · Eco-conscious Individuals · Business Owners · The Budget Strickler.

Family holding a house model with solar panels alongside Auto Draft text about solar-ready homes.
Building a Solar Powered home requires a strategic approach. Considerations such as shading, roof age, and home orientation must be…

Auto Draft Solar loans: everything you need to know.
Solar loans let you get solar panels with no upfront costs. You'll learn all about solar loans and how it can help you finance your solar panel system.

are free solar panels really free
You might heard companies talking about free solar panels. Sounds great, doesn't it? But let me be real with you – it's not as amazing as it sounds…

How many kilowatt hours does the house use daily?
The kWh number represents how much electricity you use, which decides the cost on your monthly electric bill. In the U.S., the average home typically uses around 900 kWh per month…

5 reasons californians should go solar in 2024
Discover the top 5 Reasons Why Californians Should Go Solar in 2024. From getting rebates to safeguarding against…

7 benefits of solar power during an oil storage.
7 Benefits of Solar Power During an Oil Shortage

whats in a solar proposal how to compare
Discover the essentials of solar proposals and how to compare energy options for your home. From system size to costs, explore the details that matter. Make informed choices for a sustainable and cost-effective energy transition…

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