10 tips to save your company money by going green.
10 tips to save your company money by going green.

10 Tips: How to Save Your Company Money Going Green

With how companies have had to adapt to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many companies can gain an advantage by focusing on green initiatives. And investing in sustainability can now pay meaningful dividends in the near future. Wouldn’t it be incredible to say that your business has a 0 carbon footprint? You can do things for your company that will be great for the planet and saves you energy and money. 

Ditch the Paper - Use Less Paper Products

One straightforward way that you can go green is to stop using paper in your company. Many big organizations have tried to do this in the past, but it was more difficult a few years ago because computers were still evolving. Now, there is a much better use of technology, which means less reliance on paper.

Almost any company can now function entirely without paper if they choose, making it an easy first step to going green. If you need to use paper for specific functions, try to use Post-Consumer Waste paper or PCW. Unlike recycled paper, PCW is only made from recycled materials. It makes it a much greener option, and it uses 45 percent less energy to produce than regular paper.

The best type of PCW is one that is 100%, that way you know that it is completely recycled. If 100 percent isn’t available to you, then try to find the highest percentage possible.

Switch to Biodegradable Cleaning Products

If you are employing your cleaners or a small business where you are also the cleaner, try using biodegradable products. These types of cleaning materials don’t contain the harsh chemicals that regular cleaners do. It makes them a lot safer to use and much better for the environment. When they have washed away in the sinks or toilets, some chemicals cannot break down in the water. It means that if the water is pumped into the sea, these chemicals can hurt marine life. There are now many products on the market that are biodegradable and safe to be used.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Many offices have used regular long fluorescent bulbs for many years. They were always seen as a more efficient way of lighting by saving energy. However, with the recent introduction of compact fluorescent lighting or CFL and LED lights, the humble regular fluorescent bulb has been replaced.

The newer CFL lights are now more efficient than the older bulbs and last longer. With the pace of technology running so high, there is already what many consider a replacement for the CFL bulbs.

LED lights are now being used in supermarkets and offices because of the considerable energy saving. On average, one bulb can save around $200 over time. You don’t have to go out and replace all your old bulbs all at once, but you can replace them with the newer CFL or LED varieties as they blow.

Seek Greener Alternatives for Your Office Equipment

Offices are one of those environments where there is a lot of machinery running simultaneously. It isn’t just computers, but also televisions, computer monitors, printers, servers, and projectors. All of these machines are usually running all day and using a lot of energy, but there are ways that you can save on the energy they use.

It may be time to evaluate if some of these devices may have a greener alternative. Start swapping out any devices you regularly use that isn’t ENERGY STAR certified. By switching to energy-efficient appliances, you could see a significant impact on your electricity usage. The ENERGY STAR certification helps identify energy-efficient appliances, making it easy for you to make an informed choice about the equipment you should be using. 

Get an Energy Audit to See What You Can Change

Conduct an energy audit to help determine if your house or business can save on electricity costs. Assess where energy is being lost through cracks in windows, energy-hog appliances, or inadequate insulation and recommend ways to fix it. Imagine saving 20 percent off of your electricity bill every month. If you lease your office space, you need to contact your agent and tell them about the property’s repairs. If you own the building or have a home office, you should consider getting an energy audit to determine how much you could save if focusing on green initiatives. 

Solar Panels for Commercial Properties 

Solar power is growing in popularity, mainly because you can sell your excess energy to the utility providers. If you are at home, then it is easy to arrange a solar panel installation through your local solar installation company. They will fit everything for you, and then you can start to generate your power. You can also use solar energy in your office to help cut the costs of your energy bills.

Wind power is not as popular except in those areas where the wind speed is high most of the time. Geothermal power is something that more households are now considering; it uses pipes under the soil to heat the water for use in showers and heating. It can also be used in an office environment, but perhaps not as successfully as the others.

EV Chargers for Commercial Properties 

There has been a significant surge in the hybrid car in recent years, which uses gas and electricity in tandem to power the vehicle. These are highly efficient but better than all-electric cars because of their range. If you need to have vehicles for your company, consider using an alternative fuel car, such as a hybrid.

It will save you money on fuel costs, and it’s better for the environment. It would be best to encourage your workers to take public transport instead of driving to work. Your company or commercial property could benefit from installing EV Chargers to promote your employees and patrons to be green. Perhaps you can offer an incentive such as some extra days’ leave if they take public transportation for a certain number of weeks per year.

Unplug Appliances That Aren’t Being Used

Even when the phone is not being charged, we still pay to have the phone charger plugged in! This form of energy consumption is known as “energy vampires.” Avoid paying for energy that is not being used by unplugging appliances that aren't being used. Unplugging every appliance at home that isn't in use, can be a challenging and tedious task.

But if you pay attention and start small initially, you can be on your way to having zero energy vampires at home. If you are new to saving energy, I recommend you start with an appliance that is used only once or twice a day. Like, unplug your coffee maker after having your morning coffee. Another easy step would be to do a routine check before bedtime or leaving the house to make sure appliances are unplugged.

Use smart power strips to unplug multiple appliances

I use an intelligent power strip in my office connected to my desktop PC, phone charger, laptop charger, and lamp. I can turn them off by simply flicking the switch on. When I leave for vacation, I make sure to unplug the entire power strip to entirely prevent energy vampires.

Use Green Energy Efficient Companies

As a company trying to become greener, you need to start choosing those companies you work in the same way. Look for companies with a strong, environmentally friendly ethos to work towards the same goals. One way to do this is to choose a green web hosting company. There are a few such companies that use renewable energy, plant trees, and save energy as a way to offset their energy usage. By switching to these types of companies, you support a green company and promote it to others.

Cut Out the Office Altogether

Travel is the most significant carbon footprint. Every day your employees will be going into the office and then driving back home. Also, you can’t avoid travel due to business trips. An office environment can never be completely green, so some companies have decided not to have an office. These companies have all their workers working from home, thus saving a lot of money and energy. They are then using the money they have committed to building their brand and their customer base. Not all companies can achieve this. However, if your company doesn’t need an office location, this option should be considered.

Becoming a greener company is more than just about trying to appeal to your customers; it is also about the environment. If you can start making the change to greener living, then other new companies will see that they can do so. You will need your staff’s support and some inspiration to make it work, but the results are worth it. 

Energy Audit for Your Commercial Property

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