solar installer choice matters

Your Solar Installer Choice Matters

Have you heard the joke about a hairstylist with a booming business that was charging $20 for a haircut? One day, a new hairdresser set up shop across the street and put a big sign in the window reading: "$10 haircuts". I asked the first hairstylist why she wasn't worried about being undercut by this new competitor. She smiled, picked up a sign of her own, and put it in the window, reading, "We fix $10 haircuts." Here at Forme Solar, we specialize in solar repair and fix those "discount solar installations." Based on our experiences, we've written about the top 5 common mistakes homeowners make when buying solar.

Finding the Best Solar Installer Who Emphasize Quality

If you want the cheapest service performed by a fly-by-night barber not interested in quality, but quantity, understand what that could mean. But if you want a quality haircut, that is consistently good from a well-established barber who will be around for years, select the first. With solar and the long payback period, you want quality service from a solar company that makes promises they can keep. But if you do go with the low-budget solar installer, we will be available to provide quality solar repair services in the future.

We have seen the mistakes that budget solar installers make and do the little things that ensure that you have a high-quality experience going solar. Quality matters when it comes to solar because of how it's designed and installed allows you to maximize the value of your solar panel system. Repairs, inadequate production, undersized systems, a poor layout can all impact your ROI when going solar.

Not to mention, when push comes to shove, and you need a little help with repairs and maintenance advice, you'll be sorry you chose a cheap installer. Find a solar power installer who is reliable and provides quality installation services. Experience and quality matter!

Referrals are the Best and Reviews Matter

The easiest way to go with a company, you can trust is if you have a referral for solar from a source you can trust. Ideally, that person has installed solar on their roof and has had a fantastic solar installation process and experience with solar for a few years. Even for our referrals, we still encourage them to get multiple quotes from other solar panel installers. We believe that it is always essential for our customers to be smart solar shoppers since this is a long-term commitment versus a fly-by-night decision. 

If you can't get a referral from someone who has gone solar, check the quality of a solar installer through their reviews online. Check out reviews on reputable sources like Yelp and Google. It also helps to know what other service professionals think of the quality of their work as well. For example, at Forme Solar, we were entrusted by one solar installation.

How do you ensure that you get a quality install from a quality company? Check out reviews of the company on reputable review sites like Yelp or Google.

Their Work Should Speak for Itself

What is Their Solar Inspection Pass Rate?

A quality installer can also be determined by how efficiently they operated. Forme Solar has a better than 90% first-time inspection pass rate. Our first-time inspection pass rate highlights our understanding of local buildings, proper design, and electrical regulations, as well as a testament to a quality job, done correctly.

Do They Do the Basics Well?

Do they make sure to clean up? It's your home, one of the most pieces to help you better evaluate a low-cost solar installation is understanding how thorough they are at cleaning up. Most companies only emphasize the solar panel installation, even necessary post-installation activities like cleaning up seem to be forgotten. Most homeowners who go through a bad experience going solar will often cite the lack of cleanup that their solar installer did. You shouldn't have to be worried about finding nails and debris all over your lawn.

Do They Fix Solar Power Systems?

Most solar companies don't do solar repair. They are more than happy to put solar panels on your roof but will not offer any repair services. At Forme Solar, we specialize in solar panel and inverter repairs for commercial and home solar energy systems. By starting as a solar repair company, it has allowed us to see every flavor of a bad and ugly solar installation job.

Your solar panel energy system, if installed correctly, will be on autopilot maintenance for years. However, there may be moments where you are looking for a diagnostic inspection or repairing your failed inverter. Our solar technicians and engineers work together to identify and resolve your solar energy issues.

Your Solar Installer Matters! Quality makes a Difference.

With the high investment of your solar energy system, it is crucial that you pick a solar company that you can trust. We are that hairdresser that specializes in fixing $25 haircuts. When it comes to installing solar panels on your roof, the choice of who you pick to do the installation is more important than the type of solar equipment you select. You wanted a fully licensed and expert solar technician with years of local experience that cares about quality.