8 kwh solar system cost

8 kW Solar System Cost

An 8-kilowatt (kW) solar energy system is the optimal size for many homeowners who wish to install solar panels on their roofs in order to drastically cut power expenses. When you compare your offers with the rates that other solar buyers in your region see, you can easily get the best price for your solar panel installation while also optimizing your long-term savings. In this 8 kW solar panel system guide, you can learn more about the cost of an 8 kW solar panel system, the amount of power your 8 kW system can produce daily, monthly, and yearly, and the smartest method to shop for solar.

Price of an 8 kW Solar System In 2021

The average cost of solar in the United States as of July 2021 is $2.76 per watt or $22,080 for an 8-kilowatt system. This implies that after the federal solar tax credit, the total cost of an 8kW solar system would be $16,339 (not factoring in any additional state rebates or incentives).

It is crucial to note that when it comes to solar panels, you typically get what you pay for, and the majority of our clients choose high-efficiency panels from manufacturers like LG Solar.

It is possible to obtain cheaper 8kW solar systems on the market; however, this often necessitates purchasing low or mid-range panels produced in China, frequently with no after-sales assistance.

For a bigger residential system, it is critical to maximize dependability, production, and, of course, lifespan, so paying a little more upfront might save you a lot of money over the life of the system.

Forme Solar provides full-service warranties and technical support for all of its systems. This provides our clients peace of mind that if something goes wrong, it will be remedied. Over the last 25 years, not a single Forme solar customer has had to remove one of our systems because it was no longer functional.

How much does an 8 kW solar panel system cost in your state?

We evaluated solar quotations from the Forme Solar Marketplace to give you an idea of what real-world solar consumers are spending for 8 kW solar energy systems across the United States. Forme Solar members may examine and compare offers from numerous solar contractors to discover the appropriate home solar panel system at the right price.

The prices in the table below indicate the price range that homeowners pay for an 8 kW solar energy system before deducting the federal solar tax credit.

Depending on where you reside, you may be eligible for other solar rebates and incentives, which can further reduce your out-of-pocket solar expenditures. Some of the entities that provide incentives are state and municipal governments, NGOs, and utilities. If you reside in a state where solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) are traded, you may supplement your income by selling the SRECs produced by your solar panels.

Even if you reside in an area where there are no additional solar incentives or rebates, the federal tax credit will greatly lower your costs. In any case, comparing prices from several solar firms can guarantee that you receive the greatest deal on your solar panel system.

Homeowners who compare solar deals on the Forme Solar Marketplace might save up to 20% by comparing numerous solar choices from different vendors.

How much does an 8,000 watt solar system cost in my state?

Arizona$16,800 – $20,480
California$19,120 – $23,440
Colorado          $23,120 – $26,800
Florida $17,280 – $22,080
Massachusetts $21,600 – $27,040
Maryland         $20,880 – $26,960
New Jersey$18,400 – $24,320
New York$21,680 – $28,560
Texas  $18,560 – $24,640
Washington     $18,880 – $22,400

While these figures can help homeowners who are just getting started with solar, keep in mind that the cost of your solar energy system is determined by a variety of factors. For example, if you require high-efficiency equipment or unique accommodations for a complex roof, your system cost may be greater than the norm. If you receive a price from a solar business that is much higher or lower than the range for an 8 kW solar system in your state, simply ask the installer to explain - a respectable solar company will walk you through their proposal in detail.

How much power can an 8 kW solar system generate?

It should come as no surprise that the amount of sunlight where you live is the most crucial element in deciding how much power your solar panels really produce. If you build an 8 kW solar panel system on your roof in Las Vegas, you will produce around 30% more power than if you placed the same system on a roof in New York City. However, you do not have to reside in Nevada for solar to be a viable choice for your house. Solar is a wise investment for everyone, but it is especially useful for homeowners that have high power costs.

We gathered projected average power output data for 8 kW solar energy systems in cities across the United States and put them in the table below. In comparison, the average American home consumes 877 kWh every month, for a total of 10,649 kWh per year. We developed these power output estimates using PV Watts, a technology from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Solar power production of an 8 kW solar panel installation in cities around the United States

Austin, TX32.598811,853
Boston, MA29.088110,568
Cleveland, OH26.68099,713
Denver, CO33.5101912,223
Hartford, CT27.38309,958
Las Vegas, NV38.61,17314,071
Los Angeles, CA34.71,05512,661
Miami, FL32.197511,699
New York City27.985010,194
Philadelphia, PA28.686810,419
Phoenix, AZ37.91,15213,827
Seattle, WA23.97268,714

Compare your solar alternatives to maximize your savings.

Are you ready to get started? When you join Forme Solar Marketplace, you may compare offers from several solar businesses to find the lowest price on your solar installation. Forme Solar provides thorough, easy-to-understand comparison tables that make it simple to analyze all of your equipment options and finance offers, as well as solar business evaluations. When you compare numerous solar estimates, you can be certain that you're making the best investment for your house.