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Forme Solar is excited to a best-in-class Panasonic Solar Partner as they shift their focus towards a more agile customer focused strategy.

Panasonic is shifting their focus from manufacturing towards building an ecosystem of residential energy products. As a result, electronics giant Panasonic Corp. has announced that they are exiting the solar photovoltaic manufacturing industry within 18 months. On 01/31/2021, the Japanese brand issued a press release outlining their plans to scrap their solar cell manufacturing operations amid ever-increasing price competition from Chinese manufacturing. This change in strategy allows them to focus on developing a leaner more agile customer focused strategy.

This decision will impact the manufacturing of solar wafers, cells, and solar panel modules in Malaysia and Japan. This Panasonic factory in Japan will shift their focus towards building an energy ecosystem – manufacturing inverters, battery backup systems, and other products.

Timeline of Panasonic’s Solar Panel Manufacturing

  • 2011 – Panasonic entered solar cell manufacturing by making Sanyo Electric Co, a wholly-owned subsidiary.
  • 2019 – Panasonic announced a potential partnership with GS-Solar to transfer their Malaysian solar panel operation.
  • 2020 – Panasonic unwound its joint production deal with U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc.
  • 2020 – Panasonic walked away from a partnership with Chinese module maker, GS-Solar, stating GS-Solar missed two deadlines to honor their partnership. 
  • 2022 – Solar photovoltaic production at the company’s Malaysia and Japan facilities will be halted by the end of March 2022. 
  • 2022 – Manufacturing focus will shift towards inverters, battery backup systems and an energy ecosystem.

Future of Panasonic’s Solar Panel Focus

Panasonic will continue to sell solar panel modules, through their partner’s manufacturing capabilities.

Panasonic’s decision to exit solar panel manufacturing also prompts a halt in solar panel Research & Development (R&D) operations. The shift will be towards a customer focused energy ecosystem focused on battery backup and inverters.

Panasonic’s Solar Panel Impact in USA

This move will impact Panasonic’s solar and energy storage operations in the United States as well. Despite their decision to end their solar photovoltaic cell production, Panasonic will continue to sell solar power systems to both homes and businesses. This strategic decision will provide greater flexibility for Panasonic Corporation to be nimbler and move faster with the quickly evolving energy market. 

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Panasonic Monitoring Holistic View

By leaving the development and manufacturing of their solar panels to another company, it will bring some positive effects to Panasonic. 

  • A new product lineup from OEM solar panels that are sold under the EverVolt® brand. 
  • Their OEM solar panel modules will also be covered under their 25-year product and performance warranty from Panasonic.
  • Panasonic will shift their focus towards the residential energy storage and management market.  

For existing Panasonic Solar Customers

As one of America’s most trusted solar panel brands, Panasonic has decided that they will stand behind their existing warranties to cover the 25-year product and performance warranties

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EverVolt® Certified Installer

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