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Solar Panel Costs and Benefits for Churches and Nonprofits

Solar technology works. Ever since you owned a solar-powered calculator, you've experienced how well solar energy can work. Solar technology has been around for a while now, and nobody questions whether solar energy can power specific devices. The ultimate question is if the benefits are worth the costs and hassle. 

If you have opened up a recent electricity bill, you'll feel as though there has to be a cheaper, better alternative. There is a reason why California is making such a big push towards renewable energy. On September 23, 2000, Governor Newsom announced that California would require that, by 2035, all new cars and passenger trucks sold in California be zero-emission vehicles. Solar panels will play a significant role in powering these electric vehicles. Not all businesses or homeowners switch to solar, believing that the switch isn't worth the hassle. However, the financial benefits may cause you to reconsider. 

Increased Solar Costs for Nonprofits like Churches

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Using solar energy can help lower monthly operating costs for both homeowners and businesses. One of the most significant limitations for a nonprofit is that they aren't eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit. But even without being eligible for the Federal ITC, below are some of the top reasons why investing in solar energy is the economically prudent move for Nonprofit organizations and Churches.

Affordable Installation for Churches and Nonprofits

If you own your church property, consider having a solar energy system installed. Like most home renovation projects, you may be thinking that the cost of having a solar energy system installed would be a burdensome expense to bear, given the other operating expenses you already need to deal with. But if you could replace your higher operating expense with a much smaller cost, would you do it? 

For a nonprofit where every penny counts, lowering your monthly operating costs can substantially benefit your nonprofit or Church. Churches that invest in a solar panel system can take out a low-interest loan to get their solar energy system financed

Lower Your Church's Monthly Electricity Costs

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The best-known benefit of using solar panels is that you can save on your electricity bills. When you have solar panels installed for your nonprofit, you can now reduce your reliance on the utility company. By adding solar battery storage to your solar panel system, you will protect against power outages. With solar and battery storage you will never worry about your service being interrupted due to power outage disruptions. Disconnected lights, the internet, the audio system can create disorder and confusion. 

Get Predictable Energy Rates and Costs

One of the biggest challenges with the utility company is that there aren't any other alternatives. You are at the mercy of your utility company, and if they decide to increase their rates, you don't have a choice but to accept the rate hikes. California utilities have increased their rates by more than 4% year-over-year. By installing solar energy, you finally have another alternative. You can map out how many solar panels you need for your nonprofit and understand your energy costs. 

Federal Tax Credits for Nonprofits and Churches

If you have a tax liability, the Federal Investment Tax Credit (Federal ITC) can also help save you an incredible amount of money if you decide to go solar. The current federal tax credit you can receive is 26% (percent). 

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However, nonprofits, by their nature, typically do not have a federal tax liability. In this instance, there are now financing options available where a nonprofit without a Federal Tax liability can get a discount for their nonprofit. Some finance companies will reduce the cost of any solar installer's bid by 12% for any nonprofit or tax-exempt organization. 

Solar Panels are Low Maintenance Costs for Churches

One of the most common questions individuals and businesses ask is the ongoing cost of maintenance. Most people assume that solar energy systems require constant upkeep and care to ensure that their solar panel system remains operational. However, the cost of maintenance for solar is typically low. Since solar panels are stationary and don't move, they stay in excellent condition without regular maintenance or upkeep.

Most solar panel systems come with 25-year warranties because they are expected to last for at least that duration of time. Some solar panels can even last for more than 40 (forty) years. The most important consideration to ensure that you have low maintenance costs is to ensure that your system was correctly installed at the onset. Work with a professional solar panel installation company like Forme Solar Electric when you decide to install the system. With our background and expertise in solar panel repair, we have seen every instance of a bad solar installation and help avoid those issues for our customers

Church Congregation Benefits from "Going Green"

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The top reason for any church or nonprofit to go solar is that it is better for the environment. Nonprofits are aligned towards helping the community, and renewable energy perfectly syncs with those values. Also, solar energy allows nonprofits like churches to reduce their operating expenses. But beyond the environment and financials, numerous nonprofits have upgraded their energy infrastructure for multiple reasons from: 

  • Carports for their congregation to have shade
  • EV Chargers to promote members to come
  • Solar Panels to Reduce Operating Costs

Renewable energy like solar panels are a great way to align your nonprofit's core values. Solar energy provides nonprofits tremendous benefit from a visibility and community standpoint. More people are aware of how vital renewable energy is for our planet's future. Companies that adopt and rely on renewable energy are viewed positively. 

Being an environmentally conscious company is an excellent thing for nonprofits, both large and small. 

The Church Property Becomes More Valuable

The adoption of solar panels and renewable energy for your property will increase the value of your facilities. With all things being equal, wouldn't you pay more for a building or location that had a smaller monthly operating cost? Commercial properties outfitted with solar energy can be easier to sell and for more. 

Best Solar Company for Churches and Nonprofits

Investing in solar panels and battery backup storage for your Church or nonprofit can provide fantastic benefits for years. In addition to reducing your reliance on fossil fuels, you can also lower your monthly operating costs and increase your commercial property value. Work with an experienced solar panel installation company that focuses on Churches and Nonprofits. We research all of the special incentives and rebates to maximize your investment. 

Work with Forme Solar Electric to explore your nonprofit's options today.